MFB Episode 29: Kenta and Sora 10/18/09 JPN / 10/02/10 USA

I laughed when Sora yelled" Aww man! EPIC FAIL!" in the dubbed version XD
another uninteresring character with another horrible voice actor...sigh

btw, how does Sora's role differ in the manga?
Haha another of my favourite MFB's episodes.
Just loved that last ultimate attack Tongue_out
Hope Sora comes back soon...
you actualy like Sora's character? the only characters i have minor respect for thus far are Tsubasa and possibly Madoka. even so, every time the other characters talk, i just want to cover my ears because i think that may stop them from bleeding in pain Tired
Well yeah. I like his "character"
I didn't say I liked his dubbed voice though...