MFB Episode 29: Kenta and Sora 10/18/09 JPN / 10/02/10 USA

(Oct. 18, 2009  8:16 PM)LDrago Wrote: Thanks it looks really uh weird lol I may buy the DS game just for the Bey

On a off topic note: Japanese DS games dont work a US DS right?

As long as it's not a DSi, yes. DSi is region locked.
the hair is strangely familiar yugioh maybe
Do you mean Sora with him having two different shades of hair... reminds you of Jadan Yuki (Or Judai Yuki for Japanese version.) :\
(Oct. 19, 2009  3:35 AM)lahtel Wrote: the hair is strangely familiar yugioh maybe

Anime characters have strange hair-styles? What else is new?
The cyber wheel looks just like the original pegasis wheel and Sora's Ultimate attack kind of ended in an epic fail
Cyber is actually a slight mix of the Pegasis and the Storm (Metal) Wheels.
Which part of it is like Storm?
I thought I had pictures that showed how, but not really ... When I look at all three Wheels though, Cyber seems rounder and very slightly thicker at some places. And obviously the Pegasis Wheel was modified to be compatible with Clear Wheels.

If Counter is a mix of Leone and Rock though, which it is, then I do not know why Cyber would be that different ...

They call Cyber Pegasis the "Maverick Pegasis" ...
Tired Is it just me.. or did Sora and Kenta blush alot in this episode.? especially Sora. XD
Cyber created a giant laser cross, at the end of the episode...

Beyblades really need to be used in the army.
Beyblades joining the army with a giant laser cross in the sky is saying to the enemies. "YOOHOO WE'RE OVER HERE.. COME AND GET US!" XD
Sure, it would reveal the position, but they'd just have to use their falling laser spinning tops, fire spinning tops, tornado creating spinning tops and giant dragon shooting spinning tops...

I love that show Joyful_3
I liked this episode. Sora's attack was pretty damn cool
It was still funny when he made the cross then it completly ended in an epic fail
Sora glowing red for using an attack that knocked Cyber out.. (Shooting Star Attack and his own attack) and Ginga glowing red when Ryuuga ticks him off.. Hmmmmm. lmao

Dude, (I laugh when i say that Pinching_eyes_2) don't forget excess amounts of water and a beyblade that could deafen your opponents with a screeching sound for short amount of time. XD
Poor Sora, his bey explodes... and he had really cool, overused hair.
sora looks like kain from battle b-daman.
(Oct. 21, 2009  5:39 PM)Beyunit-DL Wrote: sora looks like kain from battle b-daman.

Yeah, that's one of 'em...not saying it's a bad thing, Kain was kinda cool...kinda.
This episode was pretty good. I got a good laugh from when Sora did his special attack then made the face when his blade came back down to the ground.

What is the name of Sora's special attack?
(Oct. 25, 2009  4:51 AM)Tempestas007 Wrote: What is the name of Sora's special attack?
I saw a few things, notably Avalanche Drive and OV Drive. I cannot watch the episode again right now ...
Dub discussion for this episode is now open.
Seriously, I do not know why you close them then reopen them. Nobody in the United States ever comments on those episodes. It takes To and I from Canada to actually post in these topics. It is as if nobody in the United States looks forward to those ...
Well some people have posted in them besides the two of you. I guess it all depends on the episodes. Plus anyone is free to comment on them. People watch these episodes on youtube, so the Canadians can comment as well.

I stopped closing these topics a while ago. I just edit the topic title, then post a new reply.
I just like when it lights up on episode 37 Tongue_out hahaha but in real life i dont like his bey.
Sora's dub voice hmm what to say..... I like it to be honest it was still adorable.