MFB Episode 18: Green Hades - 08/02/09 JPN / 08/22/10 USA

(Aug. 02, 2009  6:15 AM)ReallyRandomTJ Wrote: True.. unless some random thought it might look like a cool beystadium and smoothed it out him or herself. XD

arg stop misusing the word random it's killing me
Heh err.... sorry brad. my bad. Joyful_2
(Aug. 02, 2009  9:11 PM)Kai-V Wrote:

LOL i seriously died laughing when the track got stuck
Thank you, Kai-V!
Thanks, Kai-V!

I didn't know they had kabobs in Japan (or what are they eating, anyway...?)
(Aug. 03, 2009  12:22 AM)Hyuuga Neji Wrote: I didn't know they had kabobs in Japan (or what are they eating, anyway...?)

... it's food on a stick, pretty sure every part of the world has this
I really liked this episode. God Hokuto looks awful ugh

When he showed up at the end it ruined the mood
The link's not working anymore...

EDIT: Argh...the comp's playing with started as soon as I posted this...
This episode was funny - What Anubis said Hokuto kinda killed the mood in the end. Unhappy
Benkei eats so much compared to Kyouya who barely eats a thing.
Hah sucked in Hyouma - Aries track got stuck the beystadium was hell for it after Pegasis slammed into it. XD
at the end of the epi Ginga glomped both Hyouma and Kyouya. Ahaha.
thank you Kai-V!!!! X3
I thought this was an ok episode, if only for the fact that we barely see Hokuto, to my great happiness.

But it was really boring and, when you think about it, it didn't advance the plot further or anything. I didn't get why the green hell is actually green and the physics were kinda screwed up. And it's probably because I don't understand a thing of japanese, but I wasn't sure if Hyouma was a good guy or a bad guy, by the end of it...Well, in the end, he WAS a good guy...

Looking foward to the next episode, though. The "Tournament" element is finally gonna show up!
going to have to agree with the hokuto-haters, sadly

i love him in the manga but he's really out of place in the anime
Hey did anyone notice that Madoka blushed when Kyouya launched Leone and it made it threw the hole that Kenta and Benkei were trying to launch there beyblades threw.??? if anyone did i laughed so much.

Beybrad if you think Hokuto is bad (being out of place type thing) in the Jap episodes what about the English episodes in 2010 Speechless
I hope they dont screw up the voices. *cross fingers*
(Aug. 04, 2009  4:20 PM)ReallyRandomTJ Wrote: I hope they dont screw up the voices. *cross fingers*

You don't even have to hope. They will screw them up. I doubt Nelvana's gonna get big name voice actors from other popular animes to voice the characters of a show about spinning tops, they'll get some unpopular, unexperienced and cheap voice actors. That's almost certain.
Unless they go back to previous Beyblade voice actors. hope not. Tysons voice would so not match Ginga. Tired
not to mention the voice actors from the previous beyblade seasons are older so they probably wont do the above.
But your probably right... but hopefully by saying it... we havent jinx'd it. Unhappy
anime fans are never happy with english voice actors so it doesn't even matter
Thats cos they at least screw up one character in just about every anime thats dubbed into english Tired Im right arent I.
In many cases, this is only because the dub voices go against what is perceived as the character's usual associated Japanese voice; it's purely psychological.

I doubt many people would have the same opinion if they watched the dub first, then the Japanese version.
Good point. Joyful_2
Loved this episode and good one to Ginga, that was a great move.

Also, I like the voices for Bleach in the dub version.
I hope Ginga's voice isn't high pitch or deep in the English version and hope it will still be funny when ginga runs around showing every one his burger but it was a HOT DOG!? But Ginga's friend (i don't know the name) was the only person to move out of the way when ginga used the shooting star attackXD
Hyouma is the name of Gingas friend.. and yes hes smart to move out of the way. XD but he still lost Unhappy lol
That would be because Ginga was not aiming for Aries in the first place. Wink