MFB Cosmetic Customisations [Updated 07/31/09]

The grip looks amazing. I love the theme you did. Even the paint jops were great. I might try to do something like that. [I will be horrible...]
I agree that the paint looks uneven. Consider buying a cheap airbrush.
Some of it was the plastic being imperfect itself, there are a few subtle bumps that weren't visible until painted and yeah, it had been through a few battles prior to the picture. It's interesting to see where certain combinations strike my attack combo's so this is actually a really neat way to understand another aspect of MFB lol

I actually wasn't smart enough to take a picture once it was first completed @@

When I touch it up again I'll do a re-take since the picture really does show it more ^^

I basically wanted to test how the paint held up compared to the other ones I was using since the paint job on my first customization [Relik] was considerably worn out after only a few test battles. I'm happy to say that I think my gundam markers and paints will be the ones I default as primary for beyblades. The other paints were for my warhammer 40k figures so, Games Workshop paints.

Paints used for Heaven's Blade 'Storm': White Spray On Primer, Gundam White, Golden Copper (Hyaku Shiki custom highlight).
The Heavens Blade Storm is my favourite so far, great job! Grin Though are you going to do anything to the face or is it just going to stay white?
I've acquired the dimensions for the face so now I'm going to be making stickers for the faces rather than painting them on. I'm searching for decent sticker stuff and a better color printer for it, I'm thinking an HP photopro may do the trick and use the color photo sticker stuff for it and simply cut out and apply. I have a design for it but I'll show it once it's on it Smile

It's hopefully going to be my answer for covering up the metal face rather than painting on it, I like my pen/pencil designs usually so it'll be easier to translate them, resize them and then print them.
I like the color scheme on the blade but I don't find it to be particularly well done. Yeah.. get an airbrush, mask areas off. Try that instead.
Aight, not to be taken incredibly seriously, but it is a functioning launcher...

... no it's not legal obviously.

The handgun launcher counterpart to the Heavens Blade Storm custom previously done.

Note: A product of boredom, done to look decent on camera not in person, almost done the actual launcher for Storm, that'll be my first testing with an airbrush Smile
Looks great would I hold this launcher....?

I in there are ways to hold it so...
It's pretty obvious dude. Hold the handle of the toy gun maybe? Tilt 90 degrees and then pull the string. Wink
Nah..I always hold the launcher grips in a weird way to boost the launching power
(Jun. 29, 2009  8:25 AM)Hiro Ayami Wrote: Heavens Blade 'Storm':

[Image: StormFinal.jpg]

So it's my latest paint job that I've been happy with, got inspiration from the colour scheme from the Heaven's Blades featured in Chrome Shelled Regios an anime I've recently been enjoying. I deviated a little from the gold since I actually found I liked this variation of bronze I had amongst my paints, also, it seemed to sit better with the wheel, which I didn't feel like painting. The Track and Bottom are also painted to match, had to cover the RF with tape so I wouldn't ruin it, that endeavor took 30 minutes 'cause I was paranoid @@

I'm hesitant in painting my -only- 90 Track therefore for this MFB in particular it's a Storm 100RF ^^;

I may paint my grip (unmodified) and beylauncher to match this particular scheme as well since I like it so much Grin

Without Felli it's plain XD
I'm going to make a Felli themed MFB now, maybe have one of the MFB's be like her rose petal things Grin

I'll post up a video of the handgun launcher later its really fun and actually has a bit of a tendency to launch the MFB forward a bit ^^;
Hiro no offense but you really, really, really need an airbrush.

Please don't paint any more until you get an airbrush. Or at least a spray can.
Does the paint effect the beyblades spin? because if not I would consider doing this Smile
Not on a noticeable level.
Paint definitely doesn't do much to affect the beyblade, however make sure it's a relatively light coat, acrylic feels rather rubbery imo with thicker coatings.

XD yea, I bought my airbrush set yesterday actually Anubis, tried it out today before i went out on one of my Libra wheels, simple pearl white misting but the difference from a brush is there. The handgun was just quick painted for the sake of a picture, it was a pure boredom event ^^;
So, first attempt at airbrushing. Bought some gold which I rather like and added some Bronze highlighting. Please excuse the blurry/lighting. There were some parts I had to touch up with a brush, and a lot of the nicks and dents there are from battle, as this was not my primary color scheme I'm saving my unused Libra for other things Smile

I've named this little creation: Thanatos

[Image: ThanatosSide1.jpg]

[Image: ThanatosTop.jpg]

[Image: ThanatosTopLarge.jpg]
Looks a LOT better. Good job!
Brush on some detail paint to contrast it! Looks a lot better.
Thanatos looks absolutely phenominal.

The Launcher is just killer aswell.
Wow! I wish i could buy the one in you're avatar it looks grat Smile
(Jun. 16, 2009  6:29 PM)Bey Brad Wrote: When you play chess with your friends, don't you play by the rules?
When you play card games with your friends, don't you play by the rules?

Beyblade is the same way IMO ...

true but i wouldn't mind going up against that in fact quite the opposite it would make it more fun and i like personalised equipment although if it gave the opponent an unfair advantage it might bother me a bit but the launcher seems fine to me though only for non tournament matches
That launcher is AWESOME!!!!