[MF] Meteo L-Drago Attack Usage - Discussion and Testing Thread

Testing by OkiBlaze

Testing by momiji manju

Throughout the course of testing, Meteo-LDrago will be kept in "Barrage" Mode.

During the past day that I've had Meteo L-Drago LW105LF, I wanted to try and develop a workable Attack combo with Meteo L-Drago. I've tested MF Meteo L-Drago 100RF, and the results are at the bottom here, but I do plan on testing it on 105, 125, and 145 Heights as well. If someone has two or more CH120's, please test: MF Meteo L-Drago CH120RF vs. MF Lightning L-Drago CH120RF

- Bey Launcher L, with Launcher Rubber, Launcher Grip, and Grip Rubber
- Bey Launcher LR, with Launcher Rubber, Launcher Grip, and Grip Rubber

Beyblades Used (So Far)
- MF Meteo L-Drago 100RF
- MF Pegasis 145RF
- MF Lightning L-Drago CH120RF (120 Height)
- MF Earth Bull C145WB
- Burn Bull 145SD

- Metal Fight Beyblade Attack Type Stadium

- MF Meteo L-Drago 100RF = MLD
- MF Pegasis 145RF = P
- MF Lightning L-Drago CH120RF = LLD
- MF Earth Bull C145WB = EB
- Burn Bull 145SD = BB
- Knock Out = KO
- Out-Spin = OS

MF Meteo L-Drago 100RF:

MF Meteo L-Drago 100RF vs. MF Pegasis 145RF

Both were shot in an alternating manner.

MF Meteo L-Drago 100RF vs. MF Lightning L-Drago CH120RF

Both were shot in an alternating manner.

MF Meteo L-Drago 100RF vs. MF Earth Bull C145WB

Earth was shot first in all rounds of testing.

MF Meteo L-Drago 100RF vs. Burn Bull 145SD

Burn was shot first in all rounds of testing.

MF Meteo L-Drago 100RF - Conclusion

Aside from the failure against its older brother, MF Meteo L-Drago 100RF, for the most part, is a successful Beyblade, and is perhaps a decent alternative to the current top-tier Attack Beyblades.

Edit: Going off-topic for just a bit, I have results for Meteo at 105, 125, and 145. I did them through some informal testing, and was disappointed. 100 seems to be the best. Also, I have results for my [MF] Gravity Perseus D125/AD145RF. Will post later...
From your testing and OkiBlaze's, it looks like MLD has some deadly smash when combined with a low track and RF/R2F. It's also surprising how your MLD combo was able to get such high win rates against every type (other than vs LLD). Almost reminds me of a certain balance combo..(other than the lose rates agains the LLD combo)

Now I wish I had hoarded MLD preorders off of HLJ..

Great work, btw!
Oh darn! I forgot Oki made a page on Meteo. Hm. I'll link his page to this one.

Thank you!
i will have to get this beyblade, my first mfb was lightning l-drago so i already have experience in left spin beyblades. one question, can you mix the platic wheels and the metal wheels of lightning and meteor L-dragos together?
Unfortunately, you can't. Meteo only works with its version of L-Drago, or L-Drago II, and Lightning only works with its L-Drago, or L-Drago (I).
Great tests, I have also been wondering how meteo l drago does as a defence combo, paired with rs, or rsf, and probably on a 100 track.
Meteo as defense..
What has this world come to?
The purpose behind this combos is for Attack and Spin Stealing. Since RF will lose Stamina quicker than most of its opponents that are Right-Spin Beys, it will give the opportunity for Meteo to steal spin. I don't think Meteo L-Drago would be good for Defense.

Edit: I'm halting testing against MF Lightning L-Drago CH120RF. It's too detrimental to my L-Drago II.
(Nov. 14, 2010  6:03 PM)Dan Wrote: Meteo as defense..
What has this world come to?

Ahah, i actually wanna see what happens. Will the rubber on the clear wheel, combined with left spin help, or will it just turn out horrible. Just something that popped into my head when i read the post. And plus, it wouldn't kill anyone to try. Who knows, it just might turn out horrible, at least we tried.
Maybe the reason Lightning pawned Meteo is because they are both left spin? Is it possible Meteo's smash comes from left spin? Its stupid I know, but just a thought...
I will try out MF Meteo L drago 100 RF as well. Originally I found it didn't steal spin too effectively, but I will try it in barrage mode.
Fyuuor says he also uses Barrage mode. I may have to test it in Assault Mode, but Barrage is pretty promising, aside from the L L-D match.
Nice work Momo !
I may test this out later when I have time.
Hoping to get similar results. 8)
Not surprised at the outcome of L-L.
I find that any low attacker or otherwise is completely obliterated by LLDrago CH120.
Both of them spinning left is even more hell.
Try flipping the heights, please?!
Yes yes. But university deprives you of playing Beyblade for the most part.
Now I have a reason to buy Meteo L Drago.

But could you test this against Quetz 90RF/ Ray Unicorno 100RF/ Vulcan Horuseus 90 RF?
if not you Momo, anyone else?

I really like the results against Earth Bull and Burn Bull though..
I guess next Vanilla Mastercard = meteo L Drago time

Thank you for the test results ! Grin
I can't do Quetz or Vulcan because I don't have them (yet...). But I think I can squeeze in Ray Unicorno's results soon. By the way everyone, I'm testing Tracks that are higher than 100, and to tell you the truth, performance gets worse as Meteo L-Drago goes higher from my test results.

If someone can post results with Meteo L-Drago on 85 and 90, that would be great.
This says you kept it in Barrage Mode, which to me is more for Spin Stealing on L Drago. So I wonder how it would do on Assault Mode, which is more related to Smash Attack for me.
In Barrage, the Bey's gold bits stick out more than they would the silver bits if it was in Assault mode, which is why I used Barrage. But I'll test the different modes to see what kids of results I'll get.
I can probably do Vulcan & Quetz results in a few weeks, if its fine with you Momo? :U
The more tests done, the better. I can't cover them all myself, and I know a lot of people on the WBO are itching to see some formal tests done on Meteo L-Drago before they consider buying it, etc.

Thanks Dan!
I've done some informal testing on MF Meteo L drago 100 RF and it has more power than MF Meteo L drago 100 CS, but I think the spin stealing ability comes a lot less into play, as it rarely steals enough to outspin MF Earth Bull C145 WB