MF Diablo Kerbecs 90 MB

Standard Procedure
Tests Vs Attack:
Variares CH120 RF vs MF Diablo Kerbecs 90 MB
Variares:0 Wins
Diablo:20 Wins(10 OS,10 KO)

Tests vs Defense: Duo Saggitario 2 BD145 RB vs MF Diablo Kerbecs 90 MB
Duo:9 Wins(8 OS,1 KO)
Diablo:1 Win(OS)

MSF Revizer Saramanda BD145 RB vs MF Diablo Kerbecs 90 MB
Saramanda:5 Wins(All OS)
Diablo:0 Wins
Odd results... BD145 might be weakness.

Tests vs Stamina:
Phantom Gasher TH170 D vs MF Diablo Kerbecs 90 MB
Phantom:10 Wins(9 OS,1 KO)
Diablo:10 Wins(1 OS,9 KO)
I could do better now. This was my first test.

Phantom Gasher W145 WD vs MF Disblo Kerbecs 90 MB
Phantom:5 Wins(All OS)
Diablo:15 Wins(All KO)

Tests Vs Balance: Standard Procedure, No grips
Brother Helped
Phantom Gasher 85 MF vs MF Diablo Kerbecs 90 MB(Phantom Tornado Stall)
Phantom:4 Wins(All OS)
Diablo:4 Wins(1 OS,3 KO)
He had to go do chores then so we had to stop
Parts explanations coming soon.. just wanted to get the combo out.
It would be good to list what you used in the OP. You didn't explain if it was Zero G or Attack stadium.
And the point if this combo is?
It was a BB-10. I would have put it in the Zero-G forum if it was Zero-G. Ginga, it is supposed to be a balance type that beats attack and stamina and is decent against balance, similar to how Duo 230 MB beats defense and stamina.
Doesn't pretty much any Diablo Anti-Attacker serve the same purpose, yet with greater efficiency?
It is very similar. This combo just has more stamina and is like a LTDC whilst Diablo anti-attack is more like a standard defense type with an attacking bottom.

(Nov. 18, 2012  2:25 AM)ShinobuXD Wrote: ... Diablo anti-attack is more like a standard defense type with an attacking bottom.

(Jan. 13, 1970  2:55 AM)Technocrat Wrote: [Anti-Attack] pertains to fast moving defenders that also have an element of attack which allows them to handle stamina combinations. [...] Like attack types they usually win by KO - except unlike attack types, they tend to do this against other attack types as well as stamina types, rather than trying to do it against defense types.

The latter part is the key difference from RF Defense - RF defenders lack the ability to handle stamina with decent reliability. The reason for this difference is basically because as a result of this things like Duo BD145RF and Diablo BD145RF have very different applications, Duo being solely defensive (and better at that) to the exclusion of notable attack ability and very poor stamina, whilst Diablo sacrifices some of that defense to be less overspecialized, making it a balance type.
Thank you for quoting that definition. I was evidently slightly confused about the definition of anti-attack. Anyways, I do agree that this is anti-attack. It is just a LT anti-attacker that has decent stamina.
This thing works better with RSF and RDF. Its not really worth extra stamina when facing attack types and besides, the main purpose of it is to withstand the hit and counter with a KO(I use this on 100, I find 90 a little risky)
How aggressive is your RSF? I agree that RDF might do better but there is no way you can KO consistently if your RSF is completely passive.
Well, my RSF is semi-aggro, it goes a few medium rounds around the stadium(enough to hit if launched at full power). I actually discovered this similar combo a few months ago and have been using it since(with RSF), and I recently found that it worked with RDF too, as if RDF scrapes, it has the chance to 'run' the outer ring of the stadium, resulting in a possible KO
Interesting.I will be sure to do tests and post them probably tommorow or on Tuesday
Thanks, try ShinobuXD's combo, as well as my MF diablo unicorno II 100 RSF, and then we'll find out which is better
this should be a heavy-weight combo,so,it'll be difficult to knock should do good against attack types only
i don't have kerbecs but i can put together the combo with a different clear wheel
Hrm... IMHO, RSF would reduce the stamina, but increase the defense. However, MB is already good with Diablo's weight, and the addition of MF to add friction doesn't really warrant the need of RSF.

On a side note, is your MB aggressive?
I tried it with MB, but it doesn't perform as well as RSF against MF flash S130 RF.
I know one person using this consistently in tournaments in my country. It is effective but I think he's main purpose of the combo is to be a stamina type that can KO other stamina types but does not have enough stamina.Somewhat a defense type, but in my opinion, it can easily be Koed. It would act like a Diablo BD145CS but I can say BD145CS can do the same thing better but with less stamina.

I'll do my tests on this maybe tomorrow, as I have to review for our exams right now.
My tests:

BB-10 Attack Stadium
3 Segment Grip
Beylauncher LR

MF Diablo Kerbecs 90MB vs MF Variares CH120R2F

MF Diablo Kerbecs 90MB vs MF Death Aquario E230RDF (I dont have Duo)

MF Diablo Kerbecs 90MB vs Phantom Aquario TH170D

MF Diablo Kerbecs 90MB vs Phantom Bull AD145WD

MF Diablo Kerbecs 90MB vs Phantom Bull W145EWD
Are you'r MB's calm or agressive?
(Dec. 13, 2012  1:45 PM)Sniper Kid Wrote: Are you'r MB's calm or agressive?

My only MB is a tiny bit worn
As great as it is to see my combo tested, none of the results really matter if your MB isn't fully worn.
Yes it does, agressive MB's can help KO the opponent at a higher percentage.

But anyways, I will make my tests later. Wasn't able to do it yesterday for I was a bit busy..
My Flash is pretty worn, but I suppose I'll post results.
Diablo Kerbecs 90 MB:8 Wins(5 OS, 3 KO)
MF Flash(Worn)Lynx GB145 RF:2 Wins(All KO)
Diablo just kept dodging Flash with it's MB.
Benchmark: MF Flash(Worn)Lynx GB145 RF: 12 Wins(All KO)
MSF Revizer Gargole BD145 CS: 13 Wins(12 OS, 1 KO)