Los Angeles Tournament Report: Avenge the Fallen

Big thank you to JoJo for hosting the tournament.  And major thanks to Achi-baba, Thakingtai, UltimateMaster, Kingz_Hero_, Justj11., clexblade, Meliodas, and infinite_zero for helping out.  Please forgive me if I left you out and you contributed in helping out at the tournament.  PM me and I will add you to the list.  I really want people who help out to be recognized in this small way.   Between not being able to find parking and not finding our tournament location I was a bit more flustered than usual (I know, doesn’t seem possible but it’s true).  I sincerely apologize for not being aware of your contribution. 

Grand Park was hosting a couple of other events on 4/27 and we got kicked out of our usual spot.  The tournament was delayed a bit due to these circumstances.  Thank you everyone for your understanding and patiences.  

On to the tournament:
I personally saw hS.AT/Br, czS.Xt+/At/Br, and pP.Xt+/At as the more notable combos.  Attack wise we saw several Slash Valkyrie combos but I don’t think any of them were very successful, including my own....more on that later.  

I tested two attack combos primarily for myself

1) Slash Dragon.Bl.Vl’ 烈 was very successful against hS.Br. by burst for me
2) czA.St.DS’/X’ was pretty successful at KOing hS.Xt+ for me. 
Both Combo were decent against pP.Xt+, with Slash.Vl’ being slightly better for me.  

In the 1st stage I used:
(LC)pP.OOC.Xt+, oE.0B.O, B3.OW.Br

In the first stage Mitchjett used:
(LC)pP.OOC.Xt+, oE.0B.O, and hS.St.At.  

In the finals Mitchjett played the exact same 3 combos.

In the finals I added SD.Bl.Vl’ in the mix in quarter final and semifinal matches.  Unfortunately, it didn’t work at all....  I was kind of in disbelief since I was so confident in it.  I had such success in testing and I tested a lot, really a lot.  I checked my slash base and found the contact points to be pretty worn (too much testing?).  I really hit the launch a few times too... in my opinion. 

With some good fortune I ended up in the Grand final against Mitchjett even though my Slash.Vl’ combo was basically a hole in my deck in the quarter and semi finals.  We ran the exact same deck of (LC)pP.OOc.Xt+, oE.0B.O, and hS.St.At for the grand final.  Mitchjett actually out picked me in the first stage and in the finals again, but I basically got lucky against him both times.  Maybe it was just I still have the strength advantage at this point.  I was able to beat his oE.0B.O with my pP initially, and that one point pretty much decided the match.  He had great success with oE against plenty of pP that day but just got unlucky against me. 

So why oE?  I have noticed a few of things with oE.

1) oE.At is combo I have seen in tournaments in Taiwan from time to time, but of course they play WBBA deck format.  
2) oE has been a very popular layer for time trials for a while now. It is one of the most common layer used recently as far as I know.  Time trials are common in Taiwan events apparently.  So that is at least something to be said for its stamina. 
3) My own feeling is that the slopes on oE is good against layers like pP, aK, and maybe even against czV and Slash.
Awesome Report!