[Lewisham / Catford / London, England, UK] Eternal Warriors

Hi i am a master of combo's i have no specific bey other than an uncustomised aquario and would like to start a team in Lewisham and Catford (the base).
The reason why is because i want to fly high and reach for the sky and with a team that will be all the more possible not just for me but for all the bladers in my team we are not just any blader we may start of weak but we will grow to be strong that is why i made this team.

so please give your
Name (nickname):
Reason why you should be in the Eternal Warriors:

thank you
team list:
Ginga Disciple

Non team members:
(External Advisor) shizzyshea

Team Achievements:
Team Taurus (1052) - UK BeyPoints ranking No.15
CRAZE (1010) - UK BeyPoints ranking No.31
OmegaZX (959) - UK BeyPoints ranking No.60
WackyD (940) - UK BeyPoints ranking No.74
Ginga Disciple (937) - UK BeyPoints ranking No.76
RetroDranzer (906) - UK BeyPoints ranking No.85
Team Taurus (61.5%) - UK Win/Loss ranking No.18(joint)
CRAZE (55.6%) - UK Win/Loss ranking No.31(joint)

Team Statistics:
Average BeyPoints: 967.3 - UK Team Ranked No.4
Highest BeyPoints Member: Team Taurus (1052) - UK Team Ranked No.2
Matches Won Per Member (17/9, 1.9) - UK Team Ranked No.4
Win/Loss Ratio (17/33, 34%) - UK Team Ranked No.4
Win-Loss (17-33, -16) - UK Team Ranked No.5
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What part of London is Lewisham and Catford in?

EDIT: Preferably the postal code.
(Nov. 17, 2010  9:55 PM)aron101 Wrote: What part of London is Lewisham and Catford in?

EDIT: Preferably the postal code.

If i'm not wrong its like the west side of london (I THINK!)
Haha, looks like I'm not joining!
no it is the south east
Lool you just drew me furhter away from it!
is this for a tournament ?
sorry for not say this in my first one but i live in scotland and am currently waiting the delivery of a lightning l drago for the usa
No it's not a tournament... It's a beyblade team...
it is a bey blade team but i dont mind acessing a tourny together
ok just so i know i would like to join once i get my ldrago

name: ross

bey: lightning ldrago

type: attack

my reason i would like to join is because i like the name and i have a very strong rip
ok what area do you live in rock aries 7000
i live in scotland dundee
sorry i only accept people in the stated areas which are lewisham catford and east greenwich to charlton
any one who lives in scotland dundee is now welcome to join The Eternal Warriors
when is it
when is what this is a beyblade team
Name (nickname): Sam (OmegaZX)
Bey:Rock Leone 145HF but getting more blades soon so chances are thing will change
Reason why you should be in the Eternal Warriors: I'm a good blader been playing since the first ever series and i havent lost a single time in the last 7 years?
i would like to join

bey: lighting l-drago 100HF
type: attack

reason i want to join is i like the name and i would like to battle better bladers than who i face already

i also use
storm gasher CH120 FS
unsure what type it is

and i use storm aries ED145B
unshure what type

and when it arives i will be using gravity perseus AD145WD