Let's See Where This Goes.

Hi, everyone! 

I guess to introduce myself I should talk about what brings me here? Well, recently my friends and I have been talking about getting into Beyblade. I'm not entirely sure if they're interested as a meme or, like I am, interested because as a kid I loved these things and I'm so interested in the customizations possible. Right now we're looking to get into the Metal series in particular, as that's what we mostly remember from childhood. 

I tend to be a competitive person, so after doing a bunch of research, digging through these forums as well as some youtube videos, I've realized there's so much to learn here that I might as well make a profile on these forums so I can ask questions, get feedback, etc. 

While I'm here, I might as well ask; what's a good starting Bey from that generation? I'm mostly interested in something that'll be good stand alone for now, but has use down the line for good pieces. I'm more interested in attack types, as watching some videos online I like seeing beys like Pegasus zip around their opponents then knock them out.
Welcome to WBO.org!! I havent been here for long, but I think this place is pretty chill (people here are friendly)

When I was a kid, I used a Rock Leone and it was pretty effective somewhat?? Although, I toggled around with the performance tip back then and was sure there was skme better performance. Dont remember WHAT performance tip is good though. But Rock is a good fusion wheel for Leone (or at least, during my childhood)

But if you do want an Attack type, Striker was somewhat decent to me. As always, can be customized
Hello there! Welcome to WBO. You may always check out Metal Fight combos here or you may ask for a combo here.
Welcome to the WBO!
Welcome to the WBO! I would say a bey for you to use stock, but I can’t really remember any as Beyblade Burst has basically brainwashed the rest of my previous beys knowledge. I guess Big Bang could be good out of the box though?
welcome to the WBO, Firebrand! Exited to have you here!
Welcome to the WBO!
hi beyblade people
Hey welcome. I have a bunch of mfb beys and a good attack type would be blitz Unicorno. It has somewhat decent stamina and has VERY powerful smash attacks in smash mode. Barrage mode helps it to defend itself and keeps itself from being knocked back much with the rubber semi flat tip.