Launchers, Shooters and Grips plastic and HMS rewrite

I'm doing this part of the rewrite.

Things that still need doing:

Sliding Launcher
Roller Support
Rubber grip for HMS Grip
Trigger for HMS Grip

Here's what i've got so far:

Quote:EZ shooter grip
This was the first grip released by Takara to hold the plastic series launchers. The design is very simple with it only being a handle with a trigger on the left side and a space at the top of it into which the launcher is inserted. It was only released by Takara as the 19th release of the number series with a release later of a clear version. As such like most of the number series it is quite hard to find however fake plastic Beyblades in a plastic packaging usually come with a fake version of this item.

Quote:Bey Grip Shooter
This is a grip and shooter in one. It doesn’t require a ripcord and has the prongs for a beyblade to attach to on the grip. It works through winding up a spring and then pressing the trigger to release the beyblade. This has less power than launcher with a normal launcher and ripcord though so it’s pointless to buy it. It was one of the first releases by Takara and was only released by them. As such these days it is very hard to find.

Customize Grip Accessories

Quote:Rubber grips
These attach on the front, back and side of the customize grip to allow the user greater grip onto the grip allowing for a better launch. They attach through notches on the back which fit into the holes in the front and back of the customize grip while the other fits in the groove on the right side of the grip. These were released by Takara in Black, orange and light blue. Hasbro’s Dranzer and Dragoon customize grips came with yellow and blue coloured rubber grips respectively.

Quote:Spring Support
This attaches to the top right of the grip into where the ripcord goes in. While the purpose of this like the spring shooter is to increase the power of your shot it performs a more important function in providing a buffer between the part of the grip holds in the ripcord and the ripcord which once it has worn away makes the grip slightly useless since it can’t launcher a beyblade without the launcher flying out. Hasbro released this with their Dranzer grip.

Quote:Metal Grips
This is the same as the rubber grips but in metal. Unlike the rubber grips these don’t have the notches to attach to the grip and instead have adhesive pads included with them. These add more weight to the grip while lacking the extra grip that the rubber grips give.

Quote:Metal Trigger
This attaches to the plastic trigger part of the grip. It adds a lot of weight to the grip and its purpose is to allow the user to gain a better grip to improve their launch. It was released in silver and gold by Takara. It was released by Hasbro with their Dragoon grip.

Quote:Sniper Scope
This attaches to the top left side of the customize grip. This has an LED light which emits a red light that is supposed to be used to project where your Beyblade will land when launched. This was released in black and purple. It was never released by Hasbro.

Quote:Trigger Grip
This is the rubber alternative to the metal trigger with the same purpose of allowing people a better grip to improve their shot. It will only appeal to those who dislike having a heavy grip. It was only ever released in sky blue and was never released by Hasbro.

Also can anyone who owns a spring support varify that it prevents on the part of the grip that secures the rip cord while launching?
This is fantastic Ultrablader, Well Done!!!!. Although what exactly is a wre-write for...
It's basically the Plastics and HMS part of the rewrites of the shooter, launchers and grips article that we currently have. Shabby is organising and doing part of the MFB bit and i'm doing the old generations since he knows nothing about them.
Oh i understand now, Thankyou Ultrablader for verifying that for me. Is that all now or will you be editing furthermore?
Most of the ones i've posted here are 99% done. I've only posted them here so people can critique them like you would with any other wiki article.
Okay. That's great, i mean it looks like you put a lot of work into it. And now everyone can have a look.
You know that the original idea was that they were supposed to all be posted in the Topic I made, Kei didn't feel they deserved a full Topic for each.
Um I asked him and he said I could make a seperate topic for it.
Just gonna link this here:

Probably worth reading for these parts of it, though it relates to both, about the strengths of the standard launchers.

I really must get around to scanning those spin up guides and getting them translated so we have some more info about some of the weird early launchers that seem to be mentioned in the books. Scanning is going to take a lot of work though and I haven't felt up to it lately.
if i recalled..there is another grip called "Catapult Grip"...the handle is simply just like the original ez shooter just that it had different launcher a gun..something like glock18 that you pull the upper part..i dont know what is the function though...
i have one.. XD

dont forget too about Spring launcher...

Sliding shooter is basically small..the upper parts can be rotated up to 90 degree if i not mistaken..i owned it once before..

and for customized grip...
i remembered one of JR_Tiger lot auction where one of the customize grip have another accessories attached where "Sniper Scope is attached...i dont know what it is though...

P/S: dont it worth to mention that most of the grips have a place where bit chip can be kept...

Edit: Is spring loader = spring support?i encounter them in the black, one orrange..they look very same to me..haha
I know about it. I just didn't write anything since it's already written on the current version on the wiki. Also I know what all of the accessories for the customize grip are and I know what their uses are all apart from one of them which I can't remember the names of them yet.