[LTD] The Case For Unbanning Hell

Im doing it against libra now.

Hell as a tornado tester? I was hoping I wouldn't have to do that haha.
Gotta test with all the majorly good set ups. Just to be sure Wink.

I mean it has good weight distribution and smash. I could see it doing well on MF.
Same haha, I just didn't want to test 'till it looked good for hell Tongue_out
Joking haha


You can add that testing to the OP.

Just trying to help.
You are helping mate cheers. I'll finish this testing and put some up in the morning or afterwards.
Right here's some more test results

Hell Keberous 85RF VS Libra R145RS
Libra 13/20 (11OS, 2KO)
Hell 7 (KO)
Hell win rate 35%

Hell Keberous 85RF VS Libra R145CS
Hell 10 (KO)
Libra 10 (9OS 1KO)
Hell rate: 50%
Ill put some more up soonish.
Just FYI RS is banned in Limited. The only legal Defense tips are CS, RSF, and RB.
Wow Hell sure can be unbanned based on the tests. I just fin it ironic that in Standard we try so hard to prove these parts good, and then here we try to hide those. We should have some of the older Hell testing threads from Standard in the OP too (The ones that don't use Banned parts), so we know what we are trying to prove against.
(Dec. 29, 2010  4:54 PM)OkiBlaze Wrote: *Insert witty pun here*

Some VERY inconsistent results...

Hell Kerbecs 85RF (Click to View)

Hell Kerbecs 100RF (Click to View)

Hell Kerbecs 105RF (Click to View)

Hell Kerbecs CH120RF (Click to View)

Hell Kerbecs D125RF (Click to View)

Hell Kerbecs 145RF (Click to View)

I must also note that because of Hell's weight and diameter, the bey carries a lot of momentum around the stadium and excessively self KOs itself. I had to redo battles at least ten times because Hell Kerbecs KOd itself before making contact.

This is really the best I've gotten out of Hell, other tracks don't seem to cut it. But just request one, and I'd happily test it out for you.
Assuming he wont mind all testing done on hell here can be applied in limited. Although, they are only 10 tests.
I can now do some tests with Hell. Any requests?
(Aug. 12, 2014  11:15 PM)UltimateOrion Wrote: I can now do some tests with Hell. Any requests?

Hell Kerbecs 85MF please.
(Aug. 12, 2014  11:20 PM)DRANZER KING Wrote:
(Aug. 12, 2014  11:15 PM)UltimateOrion Wrote: I can now do some tests with Hell. Any requests?

Hell Kerbecs 85MF please.

Okay i will do that today. Do you want it against defence types?
If you could do it against stamina and defence that would be great. Obviously stall against defence and slide shoot against stamina.
How well do tornado stallers do against an attack type bey. If they are okay, mind testing it against some attack types ?
(Aug. 12, 2014  11:48 PM)Poseidon Wrote: How well do tornado stallers do against an attack type bey. If they are okay, mind testing it against some attack types ?

Sure. I will do it ASAP.
Hell Kerbecs 85MF Vs Burn Cancer 90WD
Hell:16/20(16 KO)
Burn:4/20(4 KO)
Hell Win Rate:80%

Hell Kerbecs 85MF Vs Libra 85RSF
Hell:14/20(12 KO 2 OS)
Libra:6/20(4 KO 1 OS)
Hell Win Rate 60%

Hell Kerbecs 85MF Vs Cosmic Uranus 100RF
Hell:9/20(9 KO)
Cosmic:11/20(11 KO)
Hell Win Rate 45%
I'll do some high stamina types plus earth aswell
I thought d125 was the best height aswell?
Those results are pretty good UltimateOrion.was expecting it to do a little better against RSF. Did they make contact at the beginning of the battle or did it stall for awhile then make contact?

@Poseiden: D125 on the staller? Nah, I'd use 90/85.
More tests, also I got to finish F230GCF. I have a Hasbro Orange F230.

MF-L Hell Kerbecs F230GCF vs. MF-L Earth Cancer BGrin
Kerbecs: 18 wins (all OS)
Cancer: 2 wins (all OS)
3 ties redone
Kerbecs win rate: 90%

MF-L Hell Kerbecs F230GCF vs. MF-H Cosmic Unicorno TH195R2F
Kerbecs: 18 wins (6 KO, 12 OS)
Unicorno: 12 wins (all KO)
1 tie redone
Kerbecs win rate: 59.9%
Some of the insane hits Unicorno got make me want to believe Upper Attack exists in MFB. One time Kerbecs literally flew almost a foot in the air.

MF-L Hell Kerbecs F230CS vs. MF-H Cosmic Unicorno TH195R2F
Kerbecs: 15 wins (4 KO, 11 OS)
Unicorno: 5 wins (all KO)
Kerbecs win rate: 75%

MF-L Hell Kerbecs 85MF vs. MF-L Earth Cancer 90CS
Kerbecs: 16 wins (all OS)
Cancer: 3 wins (all OS)
Kerbecs win rate: 84%
For whatever reason I forgot to do a 20th round, haha. I guess it was one-sided enough.

Someone do F230GCF vs. Burn Tornado Staller. People used it to defeat Gravity F230GCF when it was still legal because it was short enough to avoid metal on metal contact so it might work against the taller Hell.
Thanks for all the testing guys Smile
Also, I just remembered the three different Hell modes, I'll find the thread, but it might be the reason for the somewhat varied results.
someone did "Hades" testing for variation... I just Have Hell from Hasbro so it could be interesting if hasbro does mold variation too
I will be doing a lot of tests for Hell against these combos: MF Libra 90RS, MF Libra 230RS, MF-H Omega Gemoise CH120R2F, MF-H Lightning L-drago CH120LRF, MF-H Duo Cancer 230MB, MF Libra TH170D, MF-L Scythe Aquario W145EWD, and MF-F Burn Cygnus 85EWD, basically a 2:2:2:2 ratio between all types of beyblades (Balance, Defense, Stamina, and Attack). The combos i will be trying out with hell are as follows: Attack: MF-H Hell Horuseous 85R2F, Defense: MF-H Hell Cancer 85RS, Stamina: Hell Cancer 85WD (Do not have 2 EWD's so i need to use WD on Hell), and Balance: MF-H Hell Cancer 230CS. Hopefully these tests will help in the un-banning of Hell, I have very high hopes of it getting un-banned since it does not seem like doing so will make the meta-game unbalanced
Yeah i think this should be unbanned. Its not unbeatable.
I mean even if it's not unbeatable there's still going to be a bunch of problem combos. Ones I can think of off the top of my head are:

MF-L Hell Kerbecs 85MF
MF-L Hell Kerbecs F230GCF
MF-L Hell Kerbecs (230/F230/TH170CS/RS/RB/insert generic HTSC setup here)

If a variety of top tier stuff can beat those consistently it could be unbanned. It doesn't look as wicked as Omega for Attack but it would still be wise to compare the two anyways. I'd do these myself but I can't find my MFB yet :\ (insert generic Wombat excuse here)
MF-L Hell Cancer 230CS VS MF-H Lightning L-Drago CH120R2F

Hell:6/20(4 KO 2 OS)
Lightning:14/20 (14 KO)
Hell Win Rate:30%