[LTD] Meteo L-Drago S130EWD

:: Meteo L-Drago S130EWD ::

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Hey guys! Thought I should probably post at least one combination thread before summer comes to and end. Hope you like it! Smile
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Overall, this custom is working really well for me! Hopefully this demonstrates S130's utility on Spin-Equalizers. Thanks for reading guys! Post thoughts and test results!
Wow, lots of testing done here, nice job ()ragon!

If you have another Meteo could you test against Meteo TR145EWD?
Thanks! Smile

I thought of that, but my only two Meteos are different brands and the rubber is a totally different consistency (which makes a bigger difference than you might think, probably enough to overshadow the difference between the Tracks). The free-spinning function in my other EWD also seems to be acting strange, so I really couldn't derive any reliable results.
I don't see what the advantage is of using S130 over say CH120. Considering that both of the tracks received right around the same results, not to mention the fact that CH1210 is a more versatile part.
Well, I could flip that around and ask what the point is in using CH120 if S130 gets the same results. The fact that S130's results are identical to CH120's suggests that it's a competitive part.

CH120 isn't necessarily more versatile; the height change function is used to handle diverse heights, but S130 can handle the same customs without a height change, so there's not much of a difference.
its a good part if we dont have CH120 to keep the combo competitive.
Ahh, I was so close (I guessed Meteo S130GCF).

Out of curiosity, why did you Weak Launch the tall Earth/tall Libra? It's believable that an opponent would Weak Launch W145WD/B:D against a Meteo custom, but taller things would be almost immediately off balance nd give Meteo a huge advantage. Was your Weak Launch not as weak as I'm imagining/the Weak Launch I usually use?

I can do ED145 tests tomorrow, since you left that one out. I'm guessing it will be about the same as TR145 though.

@SS1: It's not that S130 is supposed to be better than CH120, he's just telling us that it can be used instead. It's like the B:D/SA165EWD argument. They're substitutes.

EDIT: Here's ED145. For all of these tests besides the Libra ones I Weak Launched both combos, in the Libra tests I launched them both normally.

Meteo L-Drago ED145EWD vs. Earth Cancer W145WD
L-Drago: 20 wins (all OS)
Cancer: 0 wins
2 ties redone
L-Drago win rate: 100%

Meteo L-Drago ED145EWD vs. Earth Cancer 230D
L-Drago: 19 wins (all OS)
Cancer: 1 win (OS)
3 ties redone
L-Drago win rate: 95%

About halfway through the tests I wondered if I would be able to stall out Meteo by making Earth precess in a circle like HTSC do. It only worked once, but caused 2 of the 3 ties.

Meteo L-Drago ED145EWD vs. MF-H Libra 85RB
L-Drago: 13 wins (all OS)
Cancer: 7 wins (all KO)
L-Drago win rate: 65%

I found it easier to KO even when both Beyblades were launched normally, but maybe that's because ED145 is taller and exposes Meteo's underside more.
I weak launched more to save time than anything else. It doesn't really give any advantage to Meteo; they're in the same position they would be in if they had reached that spin velocity naturally.

I don't like ED145 that much; it's decent-ish, but TR145 works slightly better for me.
Very interesting combo, it's cool to actually see a combo thread not many around. Although I will have to agree this combo seems very bland considering how similar it is to other Meteo spin equalization combos. Through out the testings did you feel like S130 was better compared to the more standard options such as CH120 or TR145?

Although thanks for doing the testings. Left spin for right spin stamina is always a pain so thanks for doing it man.
Bland? I think it's cool. The testing itself was a little bit grueling, but we got some valuable information out of it.

I wouldn't say this is more effective than CH120, but from what I've seen it's definitely better than TR145.
I think the idea [)ragon has is to have more parts of choice, for people who have CH120 it's easy to think "it's the same" but, for example, I don't have CH120 but I have access to S130 because at some point I bought jupiter

Also, when you buy jupiter with RB for defense, you have S130 for Meteo, making both parts more affordable

I think, even if its not necessarily better than CH120, it's pretty neat to have that option!