[LTD]MF-L Aquario DF105MF- Aquario Tornado Staller!

Hello to all of you Bladers! This is my first ever testing thread, and it's more of an "interesting stuff" thread, rather than a "worthwhile combo". This thread is about using an under-used wheel, not neccesarily about a top-tier combo.

Keep in mind three things:

1. I'm suffering influenza right now, so that might have an adverse effect on winrate, not to mention I don't launch Tornado Stallers/Attack Types very well.

2. if there are any rubber bottoms, e.g RF/R2F/LRF, keep in mind that the condition is semi-prime, not as fast as a mint one but faster than a worn one.

3. In case anyone's worried, no, I didn't fabricate those tests in this thread.

Parts choice
I had tried Aquario 90MF awhile ago, and it didn't really do well. All it could do was tornado stall and beat rubber tips, but almost any wheel can do that. If I can find the motivation, I'll try testing this, but I don't have a metal face, so they won't be extremely accurate.
TBH, it seems interesting, but I don't know about it.

Nice tests ^^
Dual: Did you use MF-L? Aquario's recoil is a bit wild against rubber tips, but MF-L adds much needed weight without sacrificing much stamina. And as I said, this is simply a more offensive Burn 85MF-much much more capable of KOing stamina, and outspinning Defense [obviously]. They even share the same weakness and strengths. I was just thinking that Tornado Stallers need a new wheel, not just Burn. Th!nk also said this wheel worked well when he was still here- low enough recoil and decent enough stamina to work nicely on MF. Just not against Libra, where Libra will smack it straight out.

This thread smells more "this looks interesting" than "this is top tier" anyway.

Oh, and I tried this against CS, and tbh CS is an answer to Tornado Staller heavy metas: too much defense to KO, and too much stamina to OS. This thing might not work 100% but it's still an annoyance to Tornado Stallers.

Ocean: Thanks for the compliments. This was aided by Ingulit's Beytest App, so kudos to Ingulit, he made my life much easier. And LOL at your sig bro.
I did not, but I don't think it could have made a drastic difference, though I don't deny the possibility. And I don't see a need to come up with an alternative to Burn, it does it's job well. I think there would be a Chrome wheel or a heavier metal wheel that might serve as a better alternative, I just don't know what it would be.

Anyway, it's an interesting combo, and I love Aquario, haha.
It's my stellar zodiac too Dual.

And anyways, can anyone else help with testing/opinion? Kei especially, I saw him online a few min ago.
I remember Echizen came up with a similar combo a while ago, but the fact that you made this up on your own only supports that Aquario could have use as a Tornado Staller.

If you have the pieces and time, could you test against Meteo/LDG F230GCF? Burn 85/90MF can usually beat it and I want to see if Aquario can too. You'll probably have an easier time against Meteo. I would do it myself but I don't own an Aquario.
I have a question, at any point was Aquario able to OS Earth 145WD?
I know th!nk was very big on Aquario a while back in a setup similar to this, but I don't remember if he ever posted any official tests anywhere.
Wombat: I lost my F230 from last year. But considering Meteo's lightweight, if Burn can KO it easily then the more attack-oriented Aquario should have no problem.

LMAO: I tested against Earth W145WD. If you mean the bare track 145 then probably it can but I don't have time right now.
This is probably a huge no-no (i.e the necro) under any other circumstances, but I've returned with more tests:
MF-L Aquario DF105MF vs. Meteo L Drago TR145XF
MLD launched first on even launches, Aquario launched first on odd. Both beys straight shot.
Detail Results (Click to View)
Aquario: 11 (2 OS, 9 KO)
MLD: 9 (7 OS, 2 KO)
Aquario Win %: 55.0%

This was a pretty intense and exciting battle due to the sheer speed it involves. MLD definitely has the advantage because XF>MF for spin-equalizing;; the only OSes Aquario got were due to errors on my part during launching (too weakly or something like that). Nevertheless, MF can catch the tornado ridge pretty well which gives Aquario the edge in not being KOed. 

If you ever come up with MLD-based tornado stallers using XF/GF/GCF/CF, go for the KO. Trying to dodge MLD will work against you.

MF-L Aquario DF105MF vs. MF-H Earth Cygnus 230CS
Cygnus always launched first. Aquario banked.
Detail Results (Click to View)
Aquario: 4 (1 OS, 3 KO)
Cygnus: 16 (16 OS, 0 KO)
Aquario Win %: 20.0%

For such a disadvantaged match-up, Aquario put up a pretty darned good fight and managed to send it flying a couple of times. Still, CS is the tip that gives tornado stallers problems as it has just the right mix of defense and stamina that trying to OS it isn't a viable idea (in my opinion). In this case, using more aggresive wheels like Aquario or Rock may help with that.