[LTD] MF-H Meteo L-Drago S130GCF

MF-H Meteo L-Drago S130GCF

Some of you may have heard of it, but this is my attempt at creating a Left-spin Tornado Staller in Limited. It functions similarly to Burn Cancer 90MF and Killerken/Bahamdia Dragooon BD145GF in Standard. While this combo lacks the improved Stamina and Precession of the EWD variant, it trades it off for increased Attack power and mobility.

Parts Explanation
  • MF-H: Adds weight to the combo. Although using MF-H will significantly decrease its Stamina, the tradeoff of controlling a high speed, high recoil Tip like GCF is worth it. Someone more experienced with GCF may not need a Metal Face, but in my experience the combo had a harder time controlling its recoil without one.
  • Meteo L-Drago: The best Clear/Metal Wheel setup for Spin Equalization in Limited. I forgot what the mode was called, but Meteo L-Drago was always in the mode with the rougher edges of the Metal Wheel exposed. Despite its main function being Spin Equalization, Meteo also has a surprising amount of Attack as well. I used the Hasbro L-Drago II from the Beystadium Triple Battle Type, and a Takara Absorb Version will probably work much better.
  • S130: The shield of S130 aligns perfectly with the "gya" of GCF, adding to the LAD of the custom. Additionally, S130 has shown to be just as effective as CH120 on Meteo customs.
  • GCF: The tip is the same diameter as XF, and the outer ring works with the shield of S130 to provide extra LAD to the custom. CF can be subbed in if you aren't comfortable controlling GCF but the smaller Tip diameter will shorten the amount of time the combo stays upright at the end of the battle. Basically, this combo is an updated version of Meteo L-Drago CH120XF.

Launching Techniques
  • Vs. Earth 230D/Other HTSC: Sliding Shoot. If you don't straight up KO you can knock the opponent off Balance and chase them around until they scrape/you KO them.
  • Vs. Burn 90WD/Other LTSC: Either Sliding Shoot or Tornado Stall. Being short means more metal-on-metal contact with Meteo, and that made Burn easier to KO. Because of the way the Stadium is slanted, as you approach your stationary opponent you hit them from above and cause them to scrape.
  • Vs. Burn 90MF/Other Tornado Stallers: Launch slightly weaker than your opponent so when the two of you come into contact you will be on the inside and might be able to KO them. If neither Beyblade is KOd, Meteo will almost always OS due to GCF.
  • Vs. Jade CH120RB/RB/RSF Attack: Meet the attack head on and hope you don't get recoil KOed. If you can survive RB/RSF's aggressive phase you will most likely win. Weak Launching didn't seem to work for me as L-Drago would just roll on GCF's outer ring and come to a stop.
  • Vs. Quetz 90R2F/DKZ 85RF/LTAC: There's not much you can do here, especially against Dark Knight or anything else that spins Left because hitting it will just put on the brakes and reduce Meteo's Stamina. Either Sliding Shoot to meet the attack or Tornado Stall to try and avoid it.
  • Vs. Earth 85CS/LTDC: Tornado Stall.


Attack Testing (Click to View)

Defense Testing (Click to View)

Stamina Testing (Click to View)

Balance Testing (Click to View)

So yeah, thanks for reading. It was fun to finally test this combo and spill the beans after having the idea in my head for so long. While this combo may not be top-tier, it was interesting to see how an updated Meteo CH120XF held up in Limited. If you have any suggestions/comments/criticisms post them here!
Could you possibly do a benchmark with Meteo F230GCF? They're both left spin balance combos so I'd like to see performance differences against certain stuff.

Man, this thing is like a modernized Meteo CH120XF. I must say, I'm not sure if you're theory about S130 and GCF giving a LAD type effect is entirely true. It's a fact that GCF helps with precession of course, but since they're almost exactly the same width, what exactly makes S130 such a viable part (since it never actually makes contact with the stadium floor) over something like CH120 which has two heights for different situations?

Thanks for the tests though! I was so happy to see a new Limited thread.
CH120+GCF/CF is a bad pairing because it's extremely difficult to change CH120's height without removing the tip, because the disk of CF/GCF is so wide. S130 adds a nice amount of weight, is about the same height as CH120/145, and doesn't interfere with GCF's disk.
I have small fingers. From what I remember it wasn't too difficult. I wasn't saying S130 was worse than CH120 by the way, I didn't agree with the OP's reasoning behind using S130. I didn't take weight into account really since it's less than a gram difference.
I wanted to see if I could stall against high track stamina customs and still manage to OS them with this, but it didn't do well like I deep down hoped it would.

MF-H Metro L Drago S130GCF vs. Scythe Cancer 230D
Meteo: 0 wins
Scythe: 10 wins (All OS)

It did manage to OS better as the height decreased. More Metal/Clear Wheel contact.

MF-H Meteo L Drago S130GCF vs. Earth Cancer AD145WD
Meteo: 7 wins (All OS)
Earth: 13 wins (All OS)

I'd feel much more comfortable doing a sliding shoot against all stamina heights after seeing this. It's aggressive enough in my opinion to do so. If it were heavier, I'd almost say to do the same against attack types. I went ahead and did benchmarks with Burn 90MF since it's a popular Limited staller. Again, I stalled Burn and redid the match if it was a bad launch because I wanted the results to show the win % when its actually launched correctly. I did the same with Meteo.

Burn Cancer 90MF vs. Scythe Cancer 230D
Burn: 5 wins (All OS)
Scythe: 15 wins (All OS)

Burn Cancer 90MF vs. Earth Cancer AD145Wd
Burn: 7 wins
Meteo: 13 wins

But yeah, I don't think Meteo is that great of a staller except against defense of course, but I would definitely use it as a counter to stamina because if I know I wouldn't have a chance out spinning my opponent, I'd still have a good chance at knocking them out because of how aggressive it is. I'm not much of a staller fan unless it can do more than just stall,which this combination CAN do. All in all, this has top tier capabilities.

It felt good to get these things out again!
Thanks so much for the testing Tri! I also found that I couldn't OS HTSC by Stalling so it's nice to see your results matched up with mine for the most part. I'll add them to the OP.

I'll also try to get those F230GCF benchmarks up sometime soon. As for S130, I'll play around with different Meteo Tracks (does GCF hold ED145 in place?) to see if any of them work better.
(Dec. 06, 2015  5:02 AM)Wombat Wrote: Thanks so much for the testing Tri! I also found that I couldn't OS HTSC by Stalling so it's nice to see your results matched up with mine for the most part. I'll add them to the OP.

I'll also try to get those F230GCF benchmarks up sometime soon. As for S130, I'll play around with different Meteo Tracks (does GCF hold ED145 in place?) to see if any of them work better.

GCF does not significantly affect ED145's spinning, and ED145 won't make floor contact for its gimmick to do anything either. If you're looking for 145-height track options, TR145, WD145, and possibly SW145 could all be good candidates.