[LTD] Death (Metal Fury) Discussion

Why use elscolpio when you have cancer?
(Feb. 03, 2014  1:00 PM)Pegasus of NJ Wrote: Why use elscolpio when you have cancer?

Because Escolpio is one of the more aggressive CW's against taller opponents, though TBH I don't think this combo actually needs it - I quite liked Pisces because it kept out of the way etc. That particular death combo isn't being used for defense.
By looking at Death's underside, I noticed a lot of its weight is externally distributed. While it's pretty bad in traditional Stamina setups, I got Death Pegasis II 85MF to pretty consistently outspin Scythe Pegasis II 90CS through stalling. It stalled and made its contact near the end as usual, but I noticed Death did an especially nice job of grinding/destabilizing what was left of Scythe 90CS' spin.

Haven't had the chance to try it against a traditional Stamina type, but I'd appreciate it if somebody looked into Death for tornado-stalling/Stamina-Attack Balance purposes. Maybe try stalling Death ___ 85MF against an AA-(forget the best number lol) Scythe Defense combo, and a more aggressive approach towards Stamina?
I wouldn't like your chances, given death's shape, of not just being straight up KOd by an aggressively used Scythe Defense combo. Would be worth someone doing some solo spins with Death though, I've been playing around with a 0-cylinder rock tornado staller that has worked rather nicely for me for a while now so I'm curious what death's distribution is like.
It was recently brought to our attention that all tests by Crescent in this topic are fabricated. We urge you to forget their results and that someone trustworthy conduct the actual tests for the sake of this metagame.
MF-H Death Aquario CH120RS vs MF-H Omega Horuseus 100R2F
Death:7/10(7 OS)
Omega:3/10(3 KO)
Death Win Rate:70%

Benchmark with Scythe:
MF-H Scythe Aquario CH120RS vs MF-H Omega Horuseus 100R2F
Scythe:2/10(2 OS)
Omega:8/10(8 KO)
Scythe Win Rate:20%
Unless they were completely one-sided which they weren't, you should be doing 20+ rounds. Especially with attack, too, where results can easily vary. What upperhand does it have over using something like Bakushin or Libra, by the way?

Interesting results, though. Thanks for them. Smile