Killerken Dragooon DF105LRF

Ok, so I just got my Dragooon yesterday and my Synchrom Set a couple days back so I decided to try and make a Dragooon combo.

I saw that no one has any official testing of Dragooon RF/LRF/R2F and I really don't understand why. MF Lighting L Drago BD145LRF was one of the biggest threats in it's founding, so IMO people should have naturally tested LRF. In fact LRF was the first thing I tested on Dragooon.

So originally I made the set-up Killerken Dragooon BD145LRF; however the BD145 just got in the way and slowed the combo down. And then that's when I realized I was being stupid.

The reason Lightning L Drago did so well with BD145 was the fact that the wheel had poor spin equalization abilities to begin with and BD145 boosted it by a lot. It also made the relatively "light" Lightning a whole lot more bulky. Now, Dragooon synchrom's are already severely bulky and they already have great spin equalization abilities. Using BD145 will add to Dragooon's spin equalization abilities, but the effect is negligible. (Unless your bragging to your friend how man rotations your Dragooon could win by, In which you would be better off with SA165EWD XD) BD145 also brings many negative effects such as those I stated above.

So now we just need to find a good track for it. I originally went to CH120 as it gave me the height advantage, however it looses to LTDCs because it isn't low enough. The next obvious choice was 105 and DF105 was supposedly the best 105? It was designed for Left spin so it would be even better. Because the Beyblade's center of gravity is low to the ground, it has great balance during low rotations.

And Killerken? It was the best Zero-g chrome wheel I had. Killerken actually has a pretty good amount of attack and is know for some grind. Probably due to the shape of the metal wheel. The weight is also more focused on the outside, making it a great candidate for spin equalization.
Def. reminds me of a Zero-G Advance Balancer.

So now to the tests. Unfortunately my SECOND Duo broke.....while battling a force smash combo I made: Killerken Ifraid TH195RF (I'm telling you Killerken's got some potential.)

Killkerken Dragooon DF105LRF vs MF-H Flash Lynx W145R2F
Killerken: 17/20 (8 OS, 9 KO)
Flash: 3/20 (All KO)

Killerken Win Rate: 85%

2 Tie's Redone

Killkerken Dragooon DF105LRF vs MF-H Ifraid Saramanda B:D
Killerken: 18/20 (All KO)
Saramanda: 2/20 (All OS)

Killerken Win Rate: 90%

I did this mainly because I know synchrom B:D is supposed to give non RF/LRF/R2F Dragooon's issues.

Killkerken Dragooon DF105LRF vs MF-H Wing Kerbecs BD145CS
Killerken: 20/20 (8 KO, 12 OS)
Wing: 0/20 (N/A)

Killerken Win Rate: 100%

Trolololol. Wing was the best thing I had, since my Duo broke. K. Dragooon KO'd both of the BD145 and Wing, but mostly Wing.

Proof of Parts:
i htought ch120 was better anyways could you test against saramanda ifraid BD145 RS ?
Got to get a Killerken! How is the recoil with those 2 synchromed? Can you test against Death _____ W145WD?
Ifraid Dragooon BD145___ is a lot better just saying by informal testing. Won my last tournament with it.
Test it and prove it then! Zero G is going nowhere near as fast as it should because very few people are testing things for no real reason. Also good topic Meow.
(Sep. 14, 2012  1:01 AM)Whtdrgn Wrote: Got to get a Killerken! How is the recoil with those 2 synchromed? Can you test against Death _____ W145WD?

WD against LRF. Seriously bro.

Well, I guess I'll place my bets on WD.
This could be a great Anti-Attack combo. We need something that isn't fulfilling more Defense...
I wouldn't say that. The only proper defensive Zero G wheel we've got so far is Reviser. Pretty much any two Zero G metal wheels syndromed make a reasonable anti attack combo so I doubt we really need more Iceburn
Another well written topic with well thought out analysis and explanation (including one of the more accurate assessments of BD145's use for that particular combo I've seen), Meow!, I'm impressed. Smile
Proof of parts is always a good thing to include, a shame that it even has to be questioned but oh well.

As for killerken, I don't doubt it has potential, just like many Zero G Parts, there's not been enough testing, particularly because buying two expensive sets to synchrom it is just ludicrous.

Could you test it against a defense combo using ifraid and saramanda? BD145RDF would be good (RDF might give some LAD improvement) though CS would be handy too. I don't doubt it'll win by OS fairly easily but I'd like to see how many KO's it can manage.

Hopefully someone else can provide some tests against Duo, as those could make or break the combo, really.
(Sep. 14, 2012  10:33 AM)Ickle Wrote:
(Sep. 14, 2012  1:01 AM)Whtdrgn Wrote: Got to get a Killerken! How is the recoil with those 2 synchromed? Can you test against Death _____ W145WD?

WD against LRF. Seriously bro.

Well, I guess I'll place my bets on WD.

Wow, some people on this site just jump at the chance to be rude. Did I suggest anywhere in my request that Death _____W145WD could beat Killerken Dragooon DF105LRF? I know there are going to be a lot of KOs, and that is not what I am interested in. I am more interested in how many KOs and what happens if Death doesnt get KOed (granted, with Meow!'s skill with attack types Death could get KOed every time). You do know that not every test request is to see if the suggested combo can beat the other right?

With that said, I should have given the reason for requesting that test, but I posted that on my phone last night and did good to get that typed out. I just ask that you please not assume why a test is requested because it might be for a deeper reason than just who can win.

So I got some requests done. 1 thing I want to say is that this combo outspins defense by absurd amounts of rotation. I'm currently uploading a video of this.

Th!nk's Request:

Killerken Dragooon DF105LRF vs Ifraid Saramanda BD145CS
Killerken: 20/20 (6 KO, 14 OS)
Saramanda: 0/20 (N/A)

Killerken Win Rate: 100%

Sorry I don't had RDF, but I think RDF might give Dragooon some issues if it doesn't OS.

Takashi Komuro's Request:

Killerken Dragooon DF105LRF vs Ifraid Saramanda BD145RS
Killerken: 19/20 (5 KO, 14 OS)
Saramanda: 1/20 (All KO)

Killerken Win Rate: 95%

The KO was a very lucky win. Also as a side note: RS battles were very different than the CS battles. Dragooon would push Saramanda into the first tornado ridge with a very high tilt. The RS would then get caught in the TR and circle slowly around the edges of the stadium, giving Dragooon an easy KO if it was in the proper place.
I can't say anything not owning a Killerken but I can say something about the spin equalization. Lightning L-Drago's Plastic actually did do a decent job at spin stealing. I was hopeing the same from my Dragooon Dragooon but if it did not have enough spin it would be unable to win at all it wuold collapse not Equalizing good enough to maintain its spin long enough for more equalization... BD145 did help Spin Steal for LLD but LLD did have more Spin Stealing Powers than Dragooon IMO. However BD145 on a Synchrome not for decent is not a good idea so I just hope I made my point well enough.
I definitely need to get a Killerken now. Well done, Meow!
K The video is finished uploading. I mean't Ifraid Saramanda when I said Saramanda Ifraid....

Can any of you test this combo against Killereken Dragooon CH120 LRF
(Sep. 15, 2012  9:27 AM)pranzdiv123 Wrote: Can any of you test this combo against Killereken Dragooon CH120 LRF

Firstly what would that prove since they are basically the same combo and secondly there aren't gonna be many people that have two killerkens, 2 dragooons and 2 LRFs.
Well then can anyone test this combo against it flash escolpio CH120 R2F

He already tested against MF-H Flash Lynx W145R2F, which is better than the Flash variant you have suggested.
To be honest the height matchup between W145 and DF105 is pretty bad for W145, but CH120 isn't too fantastic either.

I'd like to see a low track Flash combo used against this.

Meow!: Thanks for the tests! KOing RS five times is pretty good. Would still like to see RDF tests if someone could do them, but thanks for those Smile
Wow This Combo Is a MONSTER! Grin Nice Combo Once Again!
Do you think MSF-H Dragooon Dragooon BD145 RDF might give it a hard time? Since it too spins left and maybe have some left-spin defense? If it's possible, can someone dual test this matchup and/or record it? Or I guess I'll just wait for tournament footage to see how Killerken Dragooon fairs. So far a combo that can KO and "Spin Steal" sound pretty OP to me. lol

I would like to see how this combo would do against 230 spin tracks since they usually negate low attackers; especially e230. I would also like to see this against other dragooon combos since this won't be able to spin steal from those and they will be about the same weight.
Very well written and good info. Good job Meow!
So I just got my Duo in the mail and I have to say: I'm pretty impressed with Killerken Dragooon's performance.

I'm pretty sure I didn't mention this before, but I've noticed, the way Dragooon KO's Synchroms so effectively, is by knocking them into the TR and lifting it up and over the last TR pretty much neutralizing whatever bottom the opponent is using. (Of course RS would be tougher to push into the TR than CS, but they both generally KO as easily when they do reach that point)

With Duo, there is no overhang that Synchrom's have, or at least space for Dragooon Killerken to dig into, so I was a bit worried. Fortunately for Dragooon, the sheer weight difference between the 2 beyblades, (Duo being on the lighter spectrum of 4d metal wheels) literally allows Duo to get pushed around by the BD145 and out of the stadium. Because there is no lifting factor, Duo does get saved by it's BD145 in some instances.

Killerken Dragooon DF105LRF vs MF-H Duo Aquario BD145CS
Killerken: 20/20 ( 8 KO, 12 OS)
Duo: 0/20 (N/A)

Killerken Win Rate: 100%

2 Ties Redone.

I'm a little worried about RDF though. Just in theory, the RDF could either:

1. Prevent Duo from scraping as much, therefore getting saved less by BD145 and being easier to knock into the TR. The more pronounced movement also gives Dragooon a wider range to hit.

2. Dragooon being able to OS it. (more of a stretch than the first)


3. A counter.

A Death Quetz should be arriving in a week or so. Hopefully everything goes well.
Nice results. Glad to hear you're getting RDF soon, really curious to see how that does.

Hopefully someone else can test this, too, as we'll need more than one person's tests for this to go on the competitive combos list.