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Looks like we do have somewhat of a Mighty Brothers XX situation. The two leaked figures are Kamen Rider Revi and Vice (Revi being the pink/blue one and Vice being the one in the dino suit.) Also, Vice has a tail to go along with the suit and no belt.

A rumored name of an insert song for Kamen Rider Revice is You and Me. There is also a rumored name for the Opening which is Revize Fate.

The person that transforms into Revi is called Ikki Igarashi, and Vice is just Vice, that may just be what they look like lol.

Translations from a article on the official site.

The Deadmans use a mysterious stamp called the Bistamp to materialize the demons that lurk within humans and create monsters called Deadmen. In order to protect his precious family from the clutches of the Deadman, the protagonist, Ikki Igarashi, makes a contract with Vice, a demon that resides within him. Ikki transforms into "Kamen Rider Revi" and the demon Vice transforms into "Masked Rider Vice". This is the strongest combination of a hero and a demon as a partner, the "two in one" Kamen Rider that has never been seen before. This is the birth of "Kamen Rider Revise"!

Other fresh cast members include Ikki's younger brother Daiji Igarashi, Ikki's younger sister Sakura Igarashi, George Karizaki, the developer of the Rider System, and Deadmans' executive Oruteka.

Quick summary of characters:

Ikki: Protag
Daiji: Protag's younger brother
Sakura: Protag's younger sister
George: Inventor of the Rider System
Oruteka: Executive of the Deadmans

Revice also has stamps that give him T-Rex, Megalodon, and Cactus forms (last one is mostly likely a mistranslation).
Dang I've been looking through the old pages and who would've known Kei himself was a fan of Kamen Rider.
Revice henshin’s have been leaked. I don’t feel like explaining it just go to YouTube. However something important is that the Megalodon form is also a Decade form. Revi looks more like Decade, Vice looks more like a Shark. I assume Vice getting the look of the anime and Revi mostly getting the look of the Rider will be a common theme.

New stamps rumored
Decade + Megalodon (Confirmed & Debut in Superhero Senki)
Kuuga + Lion
Faiz + Pterosaur
Den-O + Mammoth
Gaim + Mantis
Fourze + Gorilla
Kabuto + Bear
Ex-Aid + Jackal
Zi-O + Brontosaurus (Robot Form)
Wizard + Owl (Third Rider)
Zero-One + Giraffe

Revi base form is Rider 1 + T-Rex btw.
The full Henshin for Revi and Vice (T-Rex stamp) has been leaked. There will be a press conference tonight about Revice.
Lots of info that I can’t compile here. Look it up yourself.
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It's that time of the month again: TV-Kun Time!

Here's all the news so far
Saber, once again, has achieved peak Kamen Rider.
It's been a while since I've been on this thread, and I'm amazed how much activity has happened. I finished Saber and currently watching Revice now.

Overall thoughts on Saber: It got good in the second half, but Touma's philosophy made the whole story progression and Touma's character boring (Sure we're weak, but we have the help of friends to achieve unreachable goals!). Xross Saber's design grew on me, though I was disappointed Hybrid Saber never made an appearance (but instead the Flame Dragon form with a different book)

Revice is already looking pretty good, though I guess my only gripe is how the new rider in episode 5 is named "Evil" and the helmet kinda reminds me of another rider's helmet (not sure which one though, probably ginga?)
So Live is out on TV-Kun.

I realized that there were two riders on that driver as I only saw it as a bat.

But overall, I first thought Live was from the order of the church due to the white armor he has. Could be an Ixa in disguise lol. Cool rider overall.
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