[Jakarta] [29 Jan 12] Bey Bash: A New Beyginning

Just a reminder: please bring your bb-10 attack stadium & we can have more stadiums to play with.

thank you...
oh yeah, Blitz Inzori and Rioge Inzori will not be there. only I will
ok then. i will remove blitz & rioge's names from the list.

Confirmed I will come, put me on the list plz
Cool to have you Nerd!!

BBN Out! Tongue_out

this is going to be FUN FUN FUN!
Im in !!
BladerNerd & TheBluePegasis5 are both in...

Game day tomorrow. Need more time to prepare...


game time in another 15 hours!
Tourney day are you ready
#1 is READY !! Supaburn
This combo is gonna ruin the town Smug
I have 2 way to warn you guys :
Easy way : Please dont copy my combo Smile
Hard way : Don't even think about it Angry

EDIT : 5 hours until Game time !
Please bring BB-10 BeyStadium Attack type if you guys have it. Bring it as many as you can Joyful_2
Don't hesitate to contact me, wpardin, or Izuma if you guys have questions or anything.
My Phone number : 08-567-458-548 Joyful_2
I must be easy to beatGrin because I only use MF-L Hell BD145 based combo and MF-L Basalt 230
So let's Fight
Note, I might be a bit late, driver is late.

contact me @ +6287876271323

See you guys there!

Let's show some Bey Spirit!
Just to know I'm waiting in KFC
(Jan. 29, 2012  4:05 AM)michael29 Wrote: count me in
Michael the tournament is today, @12.00 pm.
If you want to join just come to Metro Broadway (the complete address is in Post #1), & hurry cause the competition is about to begin.

Arupaeo : thanks Wink

Tournament Results:
1. NoSkillBlader - Prize Kreis Cygnus 145WD
2. Vincenteh - Prize Variares DGrin
3. BladerNerd -Prize Beat Lynx TH170WD
Congratulations to all the winners! The wheel is round, it's time for the new generations to be champions, hahaha.

What happened to the regulars? Also, did Diablo happen?
congratz NoSkillBlader your the winner
Only a few diablo made appereances. lots of death quetzalcoatl, gravity perseus, phantom orion, a few basalt, LDD & 1 variares (i am the only one using it :p)

anyway, congratulation to the winners... you all deserved it...
Also, there are Fusion appearance yesterday. fast(fadhy) used it. He used a quite unique combo Fusion_BGrin when he came up against my MF-H Death Bull BD145CS

I never thought I'd say this but umm....
This tournament has now been processed and all Faces and Credits have been awarded. Congratulations all!