[Jakarta] [29 Jan 12] Bey Bash: A New Beyginning

ok, i will not change it again Wink
whoever my enemy, i'm not scare >Smile
enter me, beydort, titanium kaiser, spirit blader and burn blader in(we're a family of bladers)
Please tell spirit blader to activate his account & I couldn't find burn blader in the member list. probably he hasn't made the account yet. so I will just update the Op with 3 names only.

@ wpardin,yes,my Father is participatnig as well,Oh yeah can you take Diablo Nemesis to the tourney,Maybe I'm gonna buy one diablo nemesis,thanks
Uh,Oh,another really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,tough competition.0_0
I am out of Diablo Nemesis. I will try to acquire some to sell during the tourney.

when are you going to restock diablo nemesis again? thanks
Wpardin, you didn't stock Random booster volume 9 right, or will I just wait for the SONOKONG Fusion hades?
guys, if you want to know what beyblade I have in stock, just PM me soa you won't get a warning.

added spirit blader to list as well.
Could you please put me in the waitng list?
I'm not 100% sure I can come.
Ok. I am going to put you on the waiting list. I just hope that you can come to the tourney.

Waiting list bros, The Shadow is Back!
ok, I will put you & your brothers' names in the waiting list.

I wish that you will join us though...
Updated the OP with a new participant DragonflyXZ.

We welcome you to join the tournament. If you have any question, do not hesitate to PM me.
ok guys, 8 more days!

if you have any questions, feel free to PM wpardin, Kaskus, or me.

Thank you,

Izuma S. Inzori
-Team Shadow Nova Founder-

MAJOR EDIT: wpardin, its my turn to pay back the help, CONFIRMED AND READY TO ROCKZ!!!! -Squad Inzori-
Ok then... I will move you guys to the participants list...

Welcome back... This tournament is going to be very very tough...
count me in ( but i still don't know if i can participate Unhappy
Count me in if there is no Age Restriction im only 10 LOL
There are no age limits in any WBO events.
yes, there is no age restrictions, if a baby can play and wants to play, let him/her play. Grin

Tough competitions are fun wpardin.... they're fun....
updated the OP again with another old face joining the tournament: bladerboy1999

Izuma, be there before 12 so we can talk. We haven't seen you for quite some time...
@ wpardin, I'll be there @ 10:30
YO!!!!!! 3 more days to Game Day!!!

Any questions please PM wpardin, Kaskus, or me.