Is This BeyBlade Real?

Are Bey Blades from Taiwan takara tomy?
Does it say takara tomy
No, they are usually from Japan and Vietnam
but it says takara tomy
(Jun. 30, 2020  8:12 PM)pika2442 Wrote: but it says takara tomy

You should send a picture to make things more clear, or a link.
(Jun. 30, 2020  8:36 PM)pika2442 Wrote: BEYBLADE-TAKARA-TOMY-JAPAN-METAL-FUSION-BB99-HELL-HADES-KERBECS-BD145DS-LAUNCHER/252584558585?epid=0&hash=item3acf367ff9:g:KrUAAOSwAuNW3VAx

Looks legit for the most part, not sure though if the seller toyplustw is good. Heard a lot of negative things about him.

can you give any recommendations of were i can get it?

what bad things did you here about him
This is not the thread or even subforum for asking about fakes.