Is This BeyBlade Real?

Are Bey Blades from Taiwan takara tomy?
No, they are usually from Japan and Vietnam
but it says takara tomy
(Jun. 30, 2020  8:12 PM)pika2442 Wrote: but it says takara tomy

You should send a picture to make things more clear, or a link.
(Jun. 30, 2020  8:36 PM)pika2442 Wrote: BEYBLADE-TAKARA-TOMY-JAPAN-METAL-FUSION-BB99-HELL-HADES-KERBECS-BD145DS-LAUNCHER/252584558585?epid=0&hash=item3acf367ff9:g:KrUAAOSwAuNW3VAx

Looks legit for the most part, not sure though if the seller toyplustw is good. Heard a lot of negative things about him.

can you give any recommendations of were i can get it?

what bad things did you here about him
This is not the thread or even subforum for asking about fakes.