If you were a Beyblade avatar,which one would you be?

If you've watched the Beyblade anime, you've probably seen the Beyblade avatars. Which one would you be?
Spriggan from Beyblade Burst Turbo
I would be 100% Spriggan or Galahad.
Id like to be Deathscyther
Spriggan Requiem or Legend Spriggan.
I would say it is honestly a tie between bloody Longinus (which I surprisingly dislike as a bey), poison serpent and judgement joker.
(Jun. 06, 2019  11:07 PM)XSabxManiacX Wrote: Id like to be Deathscyther

Hey sabs, sorry about this but that is actually surprising. I'd thought you'd go with Nemesis XD

I'd like to be Longinus!
I’d probably want to be Dranzer
[Image: x1legn.jpg]
If you know me, I would obviously be Lynx.
Fafnir. Both Drain and Geist shall be great, but not Wizard, that’s just the worst.
I would be Achilles all the way. It's one of my favorite Beys to use and I can't resist having both a sword and a shield to use in battle!
I mentioned my Burst choice so I’ll just say my other choices from the other series:

Id like to be a Dragoon because why not? It sounds exciting, and to be specific, being Tyson’s Bey/Bit Beast would also be really cool. Lol

For Metal Fight, I think I want to be Pegasus or Phoenix. Something non-dragon for once, and can fly and all that
slash valkyrie
Achilles or SPRIGGAN
Okay, a Bitbeast but Zeus. I mean, centaur tiger! Isn’t it awesome?
But as a avatar, Zwei Longinus. TWO MOUTHS!!!!!!