Identity of Waterfall Kid

Does anyone know the name of the kid who spoke at the Beyblade World Championships about the move he couldn't master, called the waterfall? Or if you aren't willing to release his name, if there's any way to get me in touch with him? My friends and I have been looking to reach the dude, just want to know if he ever got around to mastering it.
Hahah sadly I have never heard of anyone holding such information. He probably wants to remain hidden by now.
Are you really sure you wanna know? It's pretty damn hard to do. And very powerfull. (also involves a lot of water)
One cannot find the Waterfall Kid. He will come to you only if you get strong enough to actually face him, which unfortunately nobody achieved yet. Not even @[Kei]. Rip your rank btw.
(Mar. 29, 2017  2:14 PM)Sunburnninja Wrote: What is this waterfall launch?

An inside joke within the Beyblade community:
Damn, I know that video, i used to watch it all the time. That is my boi
He only ever descends from the heavens whenever a certain amount of litres of pure water stream flows down Angel Falls while the sun reflects on the water enough to create a rainbow leading to the clouds with the opening of where the sun shines through.

Nah I'm just yanking your chain, he's actually the Blader DJ.
^^^ Ignore him, he's just jealous because he can't do it.

Also, not sure if we can get waterfall kid, he's pretty hard to find. He's like an enigma. And he doesn't come on msn all that much either.
To contact waterfall kidnyou must get 13 gallons of water put an Aquarios and Nova Neptune in the water, and sell your soul