Idea: WBO Burst World Championships.

WBO could organize their World Championships, where there would be both a team and an individual competition.
Interesting idea and might come true one day, but as of now I don't think it is possible.
WBO is a fan run site not affiliated with Takara Tomy or Hasbro.  All the tournaments are run by people who take the initiative of doing so.
But a WBO World Championship, people from all around the world come, you need to arrange for that big space, raise funds to some extent and other things, not only that, advertisement! And argument about the Location of the tournament.
But, @[Kei]'s initiative of going round the globe for beyblading is something that I connect this to. Cannot term it as World Championships, but just a way of learning about the progress of the other communities, knowing their thoughts about things and also make new friends and rivals.
After all, Championships are held to bring all the bladers together and enjoy the game which they love. All the prices and laurels are just a way to capture attention. But if you like the game, you won't need prices as an excuse to attend it.
But, Great thought! And, this is just my opinion.
I think we have Our Anime north as beyblade super Bowl. And winner Gets a large  rank  skipping, lot of prizes , and Other Many things.

Else What Suhasini Said
Yeah! Anime North is another great beyblade tournament stop! 

And not to metion, this years Beytuber Brawl! A smashing 200 bladers! Do we still need World Championships? I don't know.