I am looking for a Rival [Philadelphia PA]

I’m looking for a rival in the area of philly that is 11-13 years old and knows how to blade
Moving this to the North America region subforum. Honestly, it's be better off in an existing Philly thread.

It makes more sense to find a rival naturally at a tournament in Philly.
I go to the PA tournament scene but i dont live there. I am 12 and I know what i am doing lol, im 12th in the world
I am an organizer in the PA tournament scene, and I live in the Philadelphia region as well. I’m actually 15 and I’m #1 in the US, but if you want to find someone to battle, come on down to a PA tournament when me or NatedogPhilly hosts one!
Hey I'm new to this forum but am looking for battles in or close to philly... currently I attend a club at the y for battles
Going to a tournament is a good way to make rivals and friends but it is really competitive and most people that go are high on the leaderboard so after you play with them for awhile you start to get better and you make more friends @REDNINJA0829 @Ardmore Bladers