How to clean your metal wheel.

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yes! its awesome!!
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That kind of polish is called, wadding polish. I haven't tried it yet but will try soon
if there is any paint jobs you want to remove, try stridex pads!
Yea it works nicely .
(Aug. 10, 2010  5:53 AM)Mc Frown Wrote: Here's a method Chief - Idea!:
File it down, it's shiny again

I don't think this is the best method.

DIY Basalt wheel

It kinda works? I put toothpaste on the clothe,rub it on the whee, wash off in warm water, let dry
Is that the right process?

You can also use an old toothbrush

(May. 13, 2014  11:34 PM)Pokemo Wrote:
(May. 13, 2014  11:24 PM)nosferatu Wrote: gets some some stuff called brasso from offline or walmart
I suppose it might work but it costs money
Someone watches JoJo