How often does you blade?

I'm really interesting of that question how often does you guys blading?

Only a few times a month or one in one day a week, or every free second Grin

I really don't play much like once or twice a bit in a week when i get time, because to play alone isn't that funny.

And what's with you guys? I think the most uf the users spend more time here than they blade.
I haven't played in like a month, but I've been busy. I'll probably go back to playing a few times a week now.
Someone asked about this a little while ago in the Ask a Question, Get an Answer thread.

I like to say that I practice every week, but it usually doesn't end up being that. Probably about 2-3 times a month would be a fair guess. Just yesterday one of my friends played with me and helped me test out some different combinations, it was fun. Smile

A lot of the members of Beywiki probably spend a lot more time on here talking about Beyblade than they do actually playing, which is kind of interesting haha
Ya, I used to play almost every day, but now I've been only playing about 2 times a month.
I play every once and a while. Since I have no life I tend to play like every other day. I mostly just try out different customs vs. myself to see if they work( no one plays that lives near me T.T) so yea.
I never play because i've got no blades, but that'll change very soon. In the past I used to play almost every single day during the summer.
I play several times a day. Though i'm out of commission for a while because I fractured my wrist. Tried this morning to use my beyblade and nearly screamed the house down because it hurt so much, lol.
Can't since i don't have a stadium, don't have time anyways just like to collect them.
almost every day in fact a used my dark wolf so much i wore of the spike on flat spike in the week after i got it[/i]
Nice bump.
i battle everytime i can and i just got earth eagle Smile
I Blade whenever I go to my friends house. And thats like 1 or 2 times a week. I also just Blade by myself testing new combos or launching techniques.
i do that aswell
i blade every day buy my self because i am the only bladde where i live Unhappy
I does blade alot.
I don't really blade very often cause I live away from home for school. When I do blade though it's normallly with my MFB and rarely with my plastics and HMS.
(Dec. 06, 2010  8:20 PM)beyboy139 Wrote: i blade every day buy my self because i am the only bladde where i live Unhappy

I know how you feel. The only other Bladers in my area are my friend and his 10 year old brother (who is quite good btw)
I beyblade everyday, but trying to get this neighbor kid to play.
I beyblade day by my self because I have 2 others and they live acrossed town
Almost everyday, sharpening my launching skills for the tournaments.
I blade almost every free second!
2 hours a day 5 days a week