How can I improve these?

I have a:
Bistool with a 10 Balance WD

Max Draciel with 10 Heavy and 4 Metal Balls

A Combination Zombie:
Driger S AR
10 Balance WD (I have tried with 10 Heavy and prefer this WD)
Wolborg SG and BB ( I also don't see what the poor balance of Wolborg's BB is all about, mine is perfectly fine, and it works better than Dragoon V2's BB)

I won't list my Beyblades because I have far too many and no time. So just assume I have em all. Also tell the name of the beyblade the part is from(besides WD) when you give me the part name.
Oh and my only Bearing SG right is Wolborg.
Do you have wide defence, and wolborg2 base?
In the Max Draciel combo, you mean Draciel S? Use Tiger Defense/War Lion/Upper Dragoon for the AR (whichever suits you best) and Wide Defense as the WD, if you have it. Use MG WD if you don't.

For the other combo, you can't have a something like a "combination zombie". It's fine as an endurancer/balancer though, although you should try replacing the WD and BB with the parts Composer mentioned, if they're available to you.
Max Draciel is Draciel Metal Ball Defenser or wutever and i dont have wolborg or wide defence. how do u get wide defence? when i said combination zombie i meant combo like all the parts changed not the type combination. and what parts did composer mention? ive tried dragoon v2 BB but it doesnt work as good for me.
Concerning the MBD combo, either stick with 10-balance Bistool, or try MBDs BB with it instead.

The parts Composer mentioned were Wide Defense and Wolborg 2 BB.
Check here if you're looking for beyblades, parts, etc:
Yeah, Max Draciel BB, 10 Balance, and Bistool AR work great.
I used that alot before the BB worn down.

And on the Wolborg BB, you should definatly go with Wolborg 2 BB if you have it. Dragoon V2 BB with Dranzer V2/Vortex Ape Support Parts works well too. If you do that though, I would recomend an 10 Wide/Wide Survivor/Wide Defense.