Hola !

Hello Bladers Stupid
My name is Anthony. I'm italian, I'm 15 years old and i love Dragoon and Pegasis *O*

PS : DGoon introduced me in this beautiful world Joyful_2
Bey Brad
i hope i never have to PM you
konichiwa because it's diffrent
lol at brad's post
Welcome. Joyful_3 Pretty name. :3
welcome to wbo Smile
Welcome to the WBO Dark Ruler thats an awsome way to show your name!
Welcome to the WBO! Smile
How did you even type that name?
Welcome, anyway^^
Welcome to the WBO.
Welcome! Grin
Welcome Joyful_2
(May. 10, 2009  2:58 PM)Bey Brad Wrote: i hope i never have to PM you

Why ??
And Welcome Smile
(May. 11, 2009  6:54 AM)Raykon Wrote: Why ??
And Welcome Smile

Without using Copy and Paste, try typing his name out.

Oh and welcome Smile
Oh haha yeah, That sucks.