I'm a bit new to using the site itself, so I apologize as I'm kind of a slow learner.

You can call me Okanie or Starz -- I'm fine with either-- and I mostly keep up with the Beyblade Burst series, but I do know a bit about the original series as well. I usually only keep up with the anime and occasionally with the manga of Burst, but it doesn't mean that I don't find the toys and battles interesting (I'm not as knowledgeable about them). I mostly draw and occasionally write for Beyblade Burst, and I think that's about it.

Nice to meet you!
Welcome to the WBO Okanie if you have any questions feel free to ask any member, they will be happy to help you!
Hey there. glad to gave you!
Welcome to the WBO! We hope you enjoy your stay! Joyful_3
Thank you so much! I’m sorry I’m a bit late back here! So far things have been alright and learning things as they go— thank you all for being patient with me!!
Welcome! Hope you enjoy the WBO