Hi Im new here

Nice to meet you! Welcome to the WBO! Please read your welcome PM.

Texas, eh? There are quite a bit of bladers in Texas (I'm not there, though...). You should go to the "WBO General: North America" Forum and look for Texas threads.

Also, you can go to the "Official Events" Forum and see if any events are taking place close to you.

Have fun and make friends on here! Smile
Welcome to the WBO, I am a Texas Blader as well just use the link in my description to read about the Dallas/Fort-Worth events! PS: Read the Rules Tongue_out
We have people in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. Youre not in West Tx, are you?
Welcome to WBO!
Hope you enjoy your time here!

PS: I love your username XD
(Aug. 14, 2019  10:27 PM)BeymasterLandon Wrote: Hit me up if you're still interested

Please Down Revive An Old Thread Smile
I hope you enjoy your time here.