Hello! I'm new here.

Hello! I'm Phoenix and I have been a fan of Beyblade for around 6 years. I got into Beyblade after seeing some kids at my school playing it. I thought it looked interesting so I decided to watch the show. I began by watching Beyblade Burst Evolution. But I had no idea what was happening. So I watched Beyblade Burst and instantly fell in love. I have been a big fan ever since. My favorite character in all of Beyblade has to be Phi, I think you can tell why; and I think you know what my favorite Beyblade is too. Yep, it's Dead Phoenix! It was Revive Phoenix but once I saw Dead, I loved it. I think I have been rambling long enough, so tell me what you guys think! I want to know all your favorite beys. And who knows? Maybe we can be friends.
Hi my favorite character is obviously Lui Shirosagi. And my favorite bey is guilty Longinus you will see it in season 6 when you get to it.