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Hello! I'm new here. - {MightyPhoenix} - Feb. 18, 2023

Hello! I'm Phoenix and I have been a fan of Beyblade for around 6 years. I got into Beyblade after seeing some kids at my school playing it. I thought it looked interesting so I decided to watch the show. I began by watching Beyblade Burst Evolution. But I had no idea what was happening. So I watched Beyblade Burst and instantly fell in love. I have been a big fan ever since. My favorite character in all of Beyblade has to be Phi, I think you can tell why; and I think you know what my favorite Beyblade is too. Yep, it's Dead Phoenix! It was Revive Phoenix but once I saw Dead, I loved it. I think I have been rambling long enough, so tell me what you guys think! I want to know all your favorite beys. And who knows? Maybe we can be friends.

RE: Hello! I'm new here. - BeybladeLui3456 - Feb. 19, 2023

Hi my favorite character is obviously Lui Shirosagi. And my favorite bey is guilty Longinus you will see it in season 6 when you get to it.