My real name is Dalton LaGarce and Im 17 years old. I live near Houston Texas and just recently got back into Beyblading. I thought I grew out of it but then i decided to watch Beyblade Burst Evolution on netflix and so many memories of the beyblade metal series and all the battles I was in at school. I was wondering if there were any tournaments near the Houston area I could join eventually.
Hello! There was a tournament held on April 6th.? Maybe it was March. TraniacJ hosts tournaments around there. Keep your eyes on the tournament announcements. Please consult this thread:
And welcome!
Please someone make a tournament In Maryland
Welcome to the WBO! We hope you enjoy your stay. Joyful_3
(May. 03, 2019  12:54 AM)Deadkid Wrote: Please someone make a  tournament  In Maryland

Would a team interest you?
Welcome to the WBO @[Lagarcent]