Hato's Birthday Bash 2015 Draft

| Image = Hato_s_Birthday_Bash_2.png
| Name = Hato's Birthday Bash 2015
| Date = September 13, 2015
| Host = Mitsu and LMAO
| Number of Participants = 13
| Format = MFB Limited
| Location = High Park, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
| Length = 46 battles

Hato’s Birthday Bash 2015 (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) is a tournament organized and hosted by Mitsu and LMAO to celebrate Hato’s birthday. It was held at High Park on the 13th of September, 2015.

*U wot m8

The participants were divided into two blocks and faced of each other in a round robin format. Two participants from each block with the highest wins advanced to the finals. U wot m8 (4-2) and BAWB18 (4-1) emerged from Block A, while JesseObre (5-1) and Kei (5-1) rose from Block B.

*Kei beats BAWB18 - Kei (1-0), BAWB18 (0-1)
*U wot m8 beats JesseObre - U wot m8 (1-0), JesseObre (0-1)
*JesseObre beats BAWB18 - JesseObre (1-1), BAWB18 (0-2)
*Kei beats u wot m8 - Kei (2-0), u wot m8 (1-1)
*U wot m8 beats BAWB18 – U wot m8 (2-1), BAWB18 (0-3) takes 4th place
*JesseObre beats Kei - JesseObre (2-1), Kei (2-1)

Kei, u wot m8, JesseObre all have 2 wins and a loss apiece. The tournament had to go to a threeway finals tiebreaker. First to two wins becomes the champion.

*U wot m8 beats JesseObre - U wot m8 (1-0), JesseObre (0-1)
*JesseObre beats Kei - JesseObre (1-1), Kei (0-1)
*U wot m8 beats Kei – U wot m8 (2-0) takes the championship, Kei (0-2) takes 3rd place
*JesseObre (1-1) takes 2nd place

==Final Scores and Winning Combinations==
*Champion: u wot m8 (8-3)
*Winning combinations: MF Duo Cancer 230 CS | MF Lightning L-Drago CH120 RB | MF Earth Cancer 100 WD | MF Scythe Gemios CH120 RSF

*1st runner-up: JesseObre (8-3)
*Winning combinations: Dark Knight Girago 85 RF | MF-F Duo Aquario SW145 EWD | MF-M Earth Cygnus TH170 D | MF-H L-Drago Guardian F230 GCF | MF-H Earth Cygnus 85 CS | MF Scythe Cygnus CH120 RB

*2nd runner-up: Kei (7-4)
*Winning combinations: MF-H Jade Aquario CH120 RB | MF-H Earth Cygnus 105 CS | MF-H Earth Cygnus 85 CS | MF-L Scythe Virgo D125 MF | MF Duo Cygnus BGrin

*Hato's Birthday Bash 2015 is WBO's 99th Toronto Tournament, with Zankye 100K being the 100th.
*Kei attended each and every one of the 99 Toronto tournaments.
*The tournament was one of the first tournaments to experience the ban of Libra and Omega. Due to this, the potential of Jade having decent attack and defense was discovered in Kei's MF-H Jade Aquario CH120RB.
*Scythe and Dark Knight were repeatedly utilized.


*Original thread: http://worldbeyblade.org/Thread-Toronto-...984?page=3
*Results spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1...=175199873

My attempt at the tournament report challenge for our Scavenger Hunt 2015. I'm hoping this would count even though I haven't participated in the tournament personally.
Pretty sure you actually have tp have attended it, atleast it was that way last year.

EDIT: Did I misread it? Wow, my bad. Seems it changed.
(Dec. 13, 2015  6:55 PM)DRAGON KING EX Wrote: Pretty sure you actually have tp have attended it, atleast it was that way last year.

EDIT: Did I misread it? Wow, my bad. Seems it changed.

I'm not actually certain, but if that's the case, then it's a normal contribution from me. Scavenger points would just be a bonus. Haha.
Hm, I would really like to get Toronto Bladers' input on this tournament before this can get published.
Surprisingly nice job on this! Good work!

It could be mentioned that because of Libra and Omega's previous bans at the time that we were actually able to see some use of Jade in Kei's MF-H Jade Aquario CH120RB. It could be said that it has decent attack and decent defense overall.
Thank you! I've edited it and put it on the trivia part.
I would say it is the Tournament section that needs the most work and the most input from Toronto Bladers.
Okay, but what if none of them are not interested to give inputs anymore? I still won't gain any points?
I do not know why they would not give their input ... In any case, there are many details in all the posts of page three of the official tournament topic that I would expect you to use to give more content to the Tournament section of the article.
Up. Anyone who would like to give their input regarding the tourney? Please, thank you.