Hasbro's Beyblade Burst Competitive Combos List & Public Discussion [W.I.P]

(Aug. 07, 2019  2:52 PM)BC Crest Wrote: Ur wrong revive pheonix 13 proof bearing is too OP
Bro, I know what I'm talking about. Ways to improve this combo: use 0,10,7, or 00 instead of 13 because it is trash, use wall, lift, cross, star, flow, not proof instead of proof, if you want more of a defense type, go with At-S or U for the driver, gK4, K3, SrS3, or B3 (for left). If you want more stamina, go with Br, At-S or O for the driver, G3 (not with Br though), Z3, T3, gK4, dC3 (only really Hasbro format), J3 (strictly for opposite spin with the L,W,T, or E frame and Br). P4 is like a slightly worse version of H4 which is a worse version on gK4, so it's kinda double outclassed.
(Aug. 07, 2019  2:52 PM)BC Crest Wrote: Ur wrong revive pheonix 13 proof bearing is too OP

Again this is HASBRO disscussion, not TT. Like bladekid said 13 is too light, bearing can't really be used on anything other that Rt,0/00W and 00/0 L in the current meta, proof isn't that good and P4 is trash. I wouldn't even use the TT combo competitively right in this meta. Bladekid is the best hasbro only blader currently. So you shouldn't randomly tell the person that practically knows everything about the hasbro meta what's good and bad
Could the shape of Hercules H4 be use able for attack? It has good slopes and can hit pretty hard near the beginning of the battle.