[Hasbro]  Outer Testing and disscussion

A lot of you say that the disc Outer is banned and should be banned for the OWD it provides on beys. The point of this testing is to see if Outer truly be banned or unbanned.

There will be 10 rounds per testing

I also have a new system for test results.

Lets say that a bey did 4 KOs, 2 Bursts, and 4 Ousptins in that order of a test, it would appear as:

(Bey combo) win rate: KKKKBBOOOO (100%)

So, lets start the testing

S2 O X vs. B-X G4 G O
Spryzen win rate: K (10%)
Gianon Win rate: OOOKOOOOO (90%)

So, when it comes to attack, Outer isn't really the best. Lets try defense with Outer.

B-X G4 O O vs. B-X G4 G O
Gainon 1 win rate: OOOKOOOO (80%)
Gianon 2 win rate: OK (20%)

So. Outer really is good for defense. Now lets see if Outer is good for spin equilization in burst classic (most likely).

DGF O Ds vs. B-X G4 G O
Dragoon win rate: KOOOOO (60%)
Gianon win rate: OOOO (40%)

Final thoughts (so far): Outer is a disc that works well with defense types, works terribibly with attack types, and mediocre with spin equilization. I will conduct more testing, as for now, Outer shouldn't be banned.
Testing different types against the same combo that's not even the one being tested does not show proper data for what's supposed tested, Especially that mirror match with the Gianons. Outer was banned for it's incredible stamina ability allowing it to OS opponents by a large margin, If you had shown that that Outer did not do that (consistently), or show to have a significant weakness, then maybe it could be considered for unbanning.
Challenge accepted:

G4 O O vs. S2 G X
Gianon win rate: OOB (30%)
Spryzen win rate: KBKKKBB (70%)
(Jan. 09, 2020  2:28 AM)lilphilyb Wrote: Challenge accepted:

G4 O O vs. S2 G X
Gianon win rate: OOB (30%)
Spryzen win rate: KBKKKBB (70%)

Try the G4 combo against a good defense type or stamina type for Classic.
More testing:

T2 P Ds vs. A2 O O
Anubion win rate: OO (20%)
Tyros win rate: BOOOKBOK (80%)
(Jan. 09, 2020  2:39 AM)lilphilyb Wrote: More testing:

T2 P Ds vs. A2 O O
Anubion win rate: OO (20%)
Tyros win rate: BOOOKBOK (80%)

Ok, good. Now try and make a good stamina combo with outer and make a mirror combo of it but without outer (say spread) and see how well it does.
Testing recomended by BuilderROB

D2 O O vs. D2 G O
Doomscizor 1 win rate: BK (30%)
Doomscizor 2 win rate: BOOBBOBO (80%)

Let me tell ya one thing, Number 2 is into spelling.