Hasbro Metagame Stadium & Combo Testing 2! Updates!!

I'll do Thunder Bull 100D vs Ray Striker CH120WD in the Lightning Force.
lord Wolfblade
Lol my bad, I got it and the SVS mixed up name wise xD
Sorry to Get off Discussion Preparing for some Hasbro Touries or something and am trying to make a Hasbro Combos and heard that Bakushin was great in Hasbro Stadiums can someone tell me some good Hasbro Bakushin combos I have almost all Hasbro beys so sorry if this is Build me a Combo But I feel I would get TT results there thanks I can do test later I have lots of beys also if have no movement and a loss of stamina if in the middle of a maximum stampede is normal then I have a Good Maximum Stampede Proto version to test in aswell as LF Gavemy PTW away
...Unintelligible. If I read that miserably hard to read post correctly, you may want to look at Bakushin___T/D125WD or Bakushin____CH120F/HF. RF works too, but it's risky.
Ok first off - Bakushin is good in Hasbros.
Second off - That whole paragraph is one sentence :v fix that carp lol.
EDIT: Yeah bakushin on RF is really risky, but can be good.
Bakushin is one of the best wheels ever, with Leone.

Seriously, I got 15/20 with MF Basalt Bull GB145CS!!!

Anyways, Bakushin needs no testing, I've played with it since its release and I think it should be top Tier here,
I'll test Ray ____ 125WD
You don't have CH120? The point was the versatility. If not, D125 should work, but 125 is good. Anyway, I keep getting 70% against most Attack types using Rock. (I don't have a second Ray with me...) Bakushin looks niiiiiice. Anyway, it already was, I never added it to the original Tier Thread because of the rarity.
Results are here:

EDIT: I used D125!

Standard Testing
Hasbro Light Launcher Ripcord R and L
[I also did Beylauncher getting same results]
LLD Banked

Ray Bull D125WD VS. Lightning L-Drago [UPPER] 100R2F
Ray Bull Win %age: 0%
LLD Win %age: 100%

Notes: Seriously, we cannot use this. Ray has too much recoil. Even when LLD has 1 second of spin left, Ray was knocked out. WD is not suited for Ray in a Defense Type.

Final Thoughts: We cannot let Ray become a Defense Top Tier, final.
Yes, I'm testing Ray Striker CH120WD, and I'm actually surprised how much recoil it has. Thunder seems to be doing quite well, with a 6-0 win right now, all OS.
Totally, the recoil kills it. The thing is, D will probably do better.

I'll do 10, instead of 20 just to show development.
Yeah, I've found D to do a lot better than WD in Hasbro stadiums, multiple times.
Finished testing and playing around, D did do better. Nothing huge, though.

Anyways, I was wondering if we ever thought of JB being good for Defense... it did quite amazing replacing WD!
We should look into JB
I don't think so, because WB will almost always be a better choice.

Also testing results.

Lightning Force Stadium, Hasbro Grip with Rubber Grip, Beylauncher L/R

Ray Striker CH120WD
Wins: 0.

Thunder Bull 100D
Wins: 20. All OS.
I went ahead and tested Ray Striker CH120WD and Thunder Bull 100D.
Stadium: Pegasus Thunder Whip
Materials: 3 Segment Launcher Grip, BeyLauncher L/R, Launcher Rubber
Alternating shots, Striker shot first. RS-Ray Striker TB-Thunder Bull
Detailed Results (Click to View)
Ray's recoil is what killed it. I did the same testing in the Lightning Force, and got the same results as Raigeko.
Yours and Rai's are very near.

Also, please use the Standard Testing Procedure, much easier to read. Just saying Wink
what is wrong with the PTW stadium, also a top tier list would make this thread really useful, and will clear things in build me a combo, i know that maybe after a few tests it could be up
(Jul. 15, 2011  9:52 PM)CyberDranzerV2 Wrote: what is wrong with the PTW stadium, also a top tier list would make this thread really useful, and will clear things in build me a combo, i know that maybe after a few tests it could be up

So, I think CS needs more testing too, surely it will be in the top.

Also, we're not doing Tier 2 or that garbage. I remember a mod saying in the MFB Tier List Thread that just one was enough.
Ah, seems like my results are in the minority. Hrm... Ah, well. I tried. I don't seem to be getting as much recoil, I wonder why? I'll look into it. Anyway, thanks for the tests. (*wanders off to do some more tests against Earth Bull 125WD and Rock Bull T125RF*)
Rock Bull T125RF tests coming up within an hour.

Believe me, I think Rock will make even more recoil!
Hah, I normally get saved by walls. So far, Ray is getting it DONE. Up 5-1. These battles normally end in a VERY fast KO, or Ray outspinning Rock by a mile.
Ray Virgo CH120WD vs, Rock Bull T125RF
RV: 70% 5 OS, 2 KO
RB: 30% Won last two battles VERY decisively. 3 KOs within 4 seconds.

Okay, the recoil showed up. Scary. Normally, it didn't affect Ray too bad, as the TR did soften the hit sometimes, but occasionally, Ray Virgo left the floor of the stadium. Maybe I should have done 20 matches to be more accurate, as Rock Bull came close the last three battles.
EDIT: By left the floor, I mean it got lifted into the air, making WD useless. Always resulted in a KO. Battles lasting more than 9 seconds always resulted in a Ray Virgo win. (Due to RF's bad stamina, of course.)
I'll do the same, but out of 20 battles. Results will be up in about 20-30 minutes.
The recoil WILL be severe, let me tell you. If it shows up, it shows up en masse. I saw one of Ray Virgo's KOs send Rock Bull into a pocket so hard it moved the stadium at least seven inches.
Ray Virgo CH120WD vs. Rock Bull T125RF
Stadium: Lightning Force
Materials: 3SLG, BeyLauncher L/R, Launcher Rubbers
RF is new, slide shoot with Rock Bull

Ray Virgo Wins: 11
Win Pctg.: 55%
9 OS, 2 KOs

Rock Bull wins: 9
Win Pctg.: 45%
6 KOs, 3 OS

Notes: Rock Bull dominated early in the series, but the last 6 is where Ray Virgo came from behind to OS Bull consistently.
Tests are adjacent, so it seems this can withstand minimal smashing attackers. I'll try testin' now.

I Dunno what you guys were doing at all:

Standard Procedure

Ray Aquario D125WD VS. Rock Bull T125RF
Ray Aquario Win%: 33% [7 OS, 1 KO](Wins 8)
Rock Bull Win%: 67% [All KO](Wins 12)

Notes: Ray _____ CH120/D125WD is a very bad Defense Type, it can be improved by adding a CS. I think this is why because of he recoil, once I thought the stadium would break.

Final Thoughts: Even if the tests, somewhat agree with me, it is very close to completely losing, Ray WD cannot be Defense.
OS are common, but when one gets hit bad, it's gone. (Usually Ray Virgo, but it occasionally wins by KO, which is why I like Ray on it. This kills anything SF-based by either KO or OS, and holds it's own against CS sometimes, too.) It's not a Defense Type. It supposed to be somewhat of a balance type, as it can KO Stamina Types, and easily outspin Defense Types. Also, CH120 (145 mode) is greatly useful against attackers. I still have to formally test it, though. usually it gets 75%, which is a slight improvement, and does not get KO'ed as often.
Still doesn't change the fact of the huge hits really any wheel does. I don't think Ray can be for Defense or Stamina. But.... I think ATK might be its strong part!