[Hasbro]  Luinor L4 Testing and Discussion

If you guys saw my Forneus F4 testing thread then you know the deal, I’m doing some testing tomorrow. L4.0B.Ds, L4.0B.X, L4.0G.Ds, and L4.0G.X will be first. Stay tuned for those tests!
Could you also test L4.8'Bump.Destroy'?

Never mind
(Left) Spryzen Requiem S3 0Cross Bearing (First) VS Luinor L4 0Bump Destroy (Second Sliding Shoot):
SrS3.0,C.Br: 2 Burst, 3 KO, 11 OS (80% Win Rate)
L4.0,B.Ds: 3 KO, 1 OS (20% Win Rate)

Moral of the story, don’t use Attack drivers with L4
Could you see if Orbit works on L4?
(Dec. 23, 2018  9:16 PM)DaJetsnake Wrote: Could you see if Orbit works on L4?

I’ll be doing more testing starting Thursday as I’m currently traveling for Christmas.
I’ll definitely try L4 on a bunch of defensive drivers since he’s basically the worst attacker ever.
Hi I’m new and I was wondering if you could test L4-8-flow-variable
Here are some tests I did with Luinor L4. As far as the weight goes, I got 10.85 grams when weighing the Layer. The first section was testing Same and Opposite Spin Stamina against Caynox C3, Balkesh B3, Garuda G3, and Spryzen Requiem S3. I also had it face Fafnir F3. The second section was testing KO Attack and comparing its performance to Luinor L3, the best Hasbro Left Spin Attack Layer we have right now.

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Section 1: Same & Opposite Spin Stamina (Click to View)

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