[Hanoi, Vietnam] News and updates.

That is this topic problem. Since WBO haven't done many tournaments in Vietnam, this thread turned into a buying discussing thread.
"WBO" is its members only. If nobody who lives in Vietnam is ready to take the initiative to host a tournament there, then yes, the "WBO" will never have a tournament there.
Maybe I will, but i will need to enlarge my budget first. Politic crisis make things like Beyblade so expensive.
Hi Everybody,
I'm happen to be a VNese representative who is going to Japan for this years tournament. But not sure if I can make it there 'cause of the visa....What takes them so loooooooooooooong.?!?!?!?!?I won the champion here since July 24.
Waitting, waitting, waitting....suppose to go tmrw Unhappy
Good Luck
I 'm too old
Please tell us the news when you are back
thermalorso do you have to pay for your visa to go to japan or is it free
It causes your own, but he didn't make it in time. Any way this is off topic and also the tournament has end.
Nice to meet you but hey, don;t spam. Bring us new
Or i'll ask Kai-V to close this thread.
Now in Parksons in Vietnam are selling 4D beys, not Zero G beys like Diablo Nemesis or sth like that, they sell some set too, like Ultimate Blader Set or Entry deck set, Hopefully Zero-G will come here soon cuz 4D sys is out in Japan at May 2011 but till June 2012 4D sys is sold in VN Unhappy
Not until a year time there will be zeroG in Vietnam
That's for sure.
Well I bought fake beys and thought they were real when I started to like this game T.T. Now I felt embarrass remembering that and I could buy some real beys if I don't bought them. Although it's rare but you can still found real beys at markets. I think đồ chơi thông minh is the best place to buy old beyblades stuff like RBV3&4.
You guys know a place where I can get Variares, Phantom Orion and L-Drago Destroy in HN and HCM?
Beyblade is dead in Vietnam, unfortunately.

Most Parksons don't carry them anymore. There is a kind of Chinese knockoff Infinity Nado which is basically beyblade but changed so they don't get copyrighted.

Anyways, I found a couple 1st gens and Zero-G on 87 Nui Truc so try that.
Are there still beyblades in vietnam? I am going to visit there so just wondering
GUYS there are still in vietnam. Go to diamond plaza in Saigon and go to toy section. there are so many Takada tomy beys and stadiums
Vietnam is a peaceful country, everyone is very hospitable, I like living there.
What really scared me was the traffic in Vietnam
Beyblade are prob most popular in Hanoi or HCM(Saigon) cause there are a lot of shops that have beyblades there
But some province dont even have one single beyblade store like in my place, all i found is this thing called Nado and fakes
And im vietnamese btw

But still, Beyblade are super expensive to many of us vietnamese
I only have S2 and R2, both Takara Tomy
Probably getting Drain Fafnir for b-day too