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Yea, still go with the second one, I"m not sure how you have one or the other of Bearing Core or Grip Flat Core, but you have what you need to be competitive in an HMS tournament, so my best suggestion to you would be to get Sea Dragon for the CWD and 17 gram metal piece, it makes a bit of a difference competitively.
I would suggest Dragoon RC. And what about my question?
Your question wasn't purposefully ignored, its just neither *ginga* or I have the knowledge to answer it, so we were leaving it to someone who does.
(Sep. 02, 2013  10:22 PM)Shining God MS Wrote: Hey umm... I was wondering... how much would a gold plated Gaia Dragoon/Driger/Dranzer/Dragoon/Phantom Fox MS/MS UV be worth if you're able to find one, and have they been sold ever and how do you get them?
EDIT: Oops! I accidentally double-posted, sorry!

If they are real tournament prizes and not custom plated by the seller, they can be expected to be worth a lot. Gold Gaia Dragoon MS and Driger MS would be more frequent though, as I do think I have seen some in auctions in the past, plus they would have been given away at the equivalent of Grade 3 or 4 events in Japan. The other Beyblades would be worth way more than a hundred dollars though, for sure.
Thanks for answering Kai-V hopefully I find two Dragoon MS UVs for a surprise in Chicago's comeback... Eee
EDIT: Are there any other known versions of Shining God MS?
I believe there are no other versions of Shining God MS.
Because I remember there being a "gold" one NIB and it looked tournament limited...
There is that recolor, which was released as the first place prize in tournaments. However, almost no one has heard of it because it's so obscenely rare and expensive. I've seen it once in my entire time as a Beyblader since '06.
I'd hazard a guess and say that the bronze and silver versions also exist, but I've never seen them and there has been no evidence of their existence on any of the Japanese sites I've seen. My only lead is that beyblade prizes for tournaments, especially during the HMS era, are often continuous between each place. This is seen with the Drigers and Dragoons, but at the same time there were prizes like the yellow Draciel MS tournament prize that was released without other colors.
Hm, has there been one for sale, ever?
Once. Some time ago, I'd say a year. But it was ridiculously priced as a starting bid, and the auction ended with crazy Japanese fans bidding so high they forgot that it's still a child's spinning top...

I can't remember the number, I just remember that it was impossible for me to get right from the start haha.
Here's a picture of the gold Shining God MS, for anybody wondering about it:

[Image: nw1g.jpg]

(Aug. 08, 2013  12:19 PM)th!nk Wrote: As for the CWD God Ring Vs CWD Reverse Defenser thing, I don't own God Ring so I can't personally vouch for its LAD in comparison, and that would really be the deciding factor. It would probably be a little better, though. On Bearing Core, don't know if any defensive difference would really matter but God Ring's supposed extra weight (if anyone has one and a good set of scales that can be properly calibrated, I'd really appreciate weights) might help. CWD Reverse Defenser is definitely viable for defense in its own right, though - it's free spinning and low recoil so it works fine - so as I said, not a huge difference.

Forgot about this, sorry! My God Ring weighs 3.07g. How much does Reverse Defenser weigh?
FYI guys, there is a Bronze Draciel MS, to let you know it exists.
Also what should I get?
Dragoon MS w/ Einstein MS
Everything is NIB
Hm? I'm pretty sure there is only the yellow/gold tournament prize one. Are you sure it's not a custom recolor?

Definitely the Dragoon and Einstein seeing how RBA2 is not random beyblades but random parts. There is good stuff in there but the chances of getting what you want vs the other deal is not worth it.
All right, thanks!
And it is Tournament Limited Draciel MS, it was in that white box where prizes go... right?
Then can you perhaps give me a link to this 'bronze' Draciel MS? You could perhaps be mistaking the gold one for a bronze one.
Don't bid on it though. It's for like 60$. Here ya go http://page6.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/f126300758
...It's a gold Draciel MS, just bad lighting.

The title also calls it 'Dorasheiru MS Gold' so yeah. Bronze and silver never existed.
Oh. It looked like bronze. Thanks for clearing that up!
That sure looks like the other images I have seen of the gold one, although I could be mistaken, on a different note , I found a Pink CWD Defense Ring in one of my recent lots, it has some of Takara's typical markings on it, but I can't seem to figure out where it would have come from, fake, recolored part or some release I'm not aware of?
I don't think there is a pink recolor of Sea Dragon, so it might be Custom Made or unfortunately fake.
There is no pink CWD Defense Ring...

If this is a lot that you already have, then it is probably colored or a fake. If it is a picture you are referring to, then it could be just bad color optimization of the camera. The V pointed out a similar occurrence to me when I posted a seemingly pink Burning Kerberous auction in the YJA topic.
This is something I already have, I'm kind of bummed out though then, I got really excited thinking it was some really rare piece.
I bought these for $3
All real

Driger MS
Draciel MS
Gaia dragoon MS

I put together
AR:Metal Upper
WD:Circle Heavy
RC:Flat Core

Is that the best I can have from these?
PS I can control that
From my own experience and testing I've found this is the best combo:

AR: Metal Upper(Driger MS)
WD: Circle Wide(Draciel MS)
RC: Flat Core(Gaia Dragoon MS)
Oh thanks!! But doesn't higher spin velocity result in better upper attack?