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Is Death Gargoyle MS durable and if so how durable? And is Advance Striker durable?
All HMS are pretty durable but UltimiteOrion hasnt had luck with his HMS and also Ga's Bearing Core too, so it depends.

EDIT: Hey, guys, I want to get my first HMS blade and I dont really know what to get (thats available from my searches) But, from my searches I've seen
The commons
Jiraiya MS(not anymore Unhappy but if anyones willing to sell on ebay...)
Wolborg MS
Round Shell MS
Dranzer MS(SOK)
DEMS(finally found a cheap one! Grin)

So... what should I buy guys?
Don't forget my GFC (Ultimate Mode) :'C (also, Cheap DEMS IMO but if you're looking at competition depends on your metagame.)

HMS aren't super breakage prone and it's usually the tabs on the running core that the bit protectors hold onto that get bent and break. There aren't any unusually breakage prone HMS, really.
1. Wow... was that your only GFC UV
2. How do you break a GFC UV?! XD
3. Well, I'm in Chicago and I don't know anyone besides facade who has HMS so... DEMS FTW?
I got a new one eventually, but it made me put away my HMS for a long time after it happened, and stop buying them. Tabs snapped like I described, one day I got it out and put the combo on the launcher and it kinda half fell off. Didn't get to launch it more than ten times because I babied it. Really unusual and unlucky though.

DEMS has a metal change tip, so it's always going to be more interesting than WBMS - and do a decent job of beating it head to head outside of tornado balance if you can launch it well enough.
Wow, that is unlucky :\ Also, is the Hasbro DEMS good and does it come with a launcher?
(Aug. 15, 2013  5:12 PM)Shining God MS Wrote: Wow, that is unlucky :\ Also, is the Hasbro DEMS good and does it come with a launcher?

There are two different molds, with Hasbro using the second mold.


But yes, Hasbro does include a launcher.
Is there a way to repare a broken running core ?
Second mold is IMO equal or better for all things, for what it's worth. At least, the stamina on it is perfectly fine and the extra weight is a big help (and given the place that weight is added I struggle to see it doing anything but good for the AR's stamina - the spin steal battles will come down to LAD more anyway and as I said, doesn't seem to have any negative effects, but I haven't done full, recorded testing yet, been too busy with plastics.)

(Aug. 15, 2013  5:24 PM)DragoonMF Wrote: Is there a way to repare a broken running core ?

If it's actually broken, there isn't a legal way to repair it as doing so would alter the part. And, the tabs are very, very hard to fix in any way legal or illegal without gluing an entire beyblade together with good glue - not worth doing and also illegal.
All right! Thanks for the help guys! Cant wait to buy the DEMS!
Thanks , because i have dragoon msuv and mf all glued together .-. Awfull
Build me a combo -
My beys
Advance averazer
Driger ms
Draciel ms
Strata dragoon ms
(Aug. 17, 2013  8:42 PM)jacolal Wrote: Build me a combo -
My beys
Advance averazer
Driger ms
Draciel ms
Strata dragoon ms

Pretty sure your best would be:

AR: Advance Balancer
WD: Circle Wide
RC: Metal Semi Flat Core/Semi Flat Core
Kai Hiwatari's combo, almost certainly Metal Semi Flat Core (haven't done comparatives with Semi Flat Core but I'm pretty sure it's better), is the best you can make from those parts, at least as far as I know. Here's some stuff with the rest of your parts:

This is an attack type, it sucks but it's the next best thing I can think of from the remaining parts:
AR: Driger MS
WD: Circle Heavy
RC: Flat Core
Also give Circle Balance a shot just in case it's better, but I doubt it.

Then you're down to a much worse version of the main combo (mostly because of Circle Balance, otherwise it would just be "generally inferior in every way")
AR: Strata Dragoon MS
WD: Circle Balance
RC: Semi Flat Core

And then you're left with Draciel MS with Circle Balance.
Okay thanks, I foorgot to say that I only have the ar and wd of the advance averazer not the rc but thanks, I'll use the semi-flat core. Smile

There is no info about aero knight ms on the beywiki so if possible, could someone explain it too me, I would like to know if it is any good. Thanks!
Aero Knight MS is one of the two HMS Beyblades that are not on the wiki.

Never owned a Aero Knight MS, but this has a good chunk of information about it:

Round Shell MS's article has info on the AR but to be honest I haven't found much use for the wobblers it describes. I've also tried the AR for attack and it didn't do much at all.

The vaguely useful part is the Running Core (though this is only without the Aero Ring - which I'm not actually 100% sure is legal to do), the tall, Defense shaped tip (mfb defense), generally produces relatively aggressive movement due to the fact it will almost always be tilted and therefore at least partially "flat" against the stadium. The main use is for Force Smash, mixing pushing the opponent down using slopes, smashing them downwards with angled sloped contact points, and smashing down on top of them with wobbling. It's very gimmicky for sure but it seems to do not-terrible against Zombies and some balance stuff - mostly zombies with more aggressive AR's, particularly Circle Upper (which is perhaps the best Zombie AR overall, but falls prey to this)

AR: Samurai Upper (mold 2 Metal Frame)
WD: 17.5g CWD Metal Piece + Battle Change Core CWD Plastic Part - oriented with slopes underneath the slopes of the AR (as best as can be done, focusses weight over slopes)
RC: Aero Knight MS RC (I forget the name).

I tried it with Phantom Fox's CWD but it didn't work well, this is the most success I've had. Left spin is safer, Right Spin is there if you're against something that you can't KO otherwise, in which case it usually comes down to wall saves.

As I said, it's gimmicky and not really that competitive from what I've done with it (this is all from memory, haven't used my HMS for a little while as I'm busy with plastics, so it might be more useful than I remember EDIT: Got my launchers and tried it, post edited). I imagine though that using something that looks this ridiculous to beat someone smugly spamming wolborg MS would be extremely gratifying (though you'd need a little luck to pull it off - right spin seems best but yeah).

Against Attack, well at least against Samurai Upper/heavy Circle Wide/GFC(UM) it's a DKO-fest, wouldn't expect to win but who knows.

Defensive zombies will likely depend on the condition of their RC and maybe spin direction would come into it but I imagine they'd be a problem.

vs Gargoyle MS seems pretty much "who gets the wall" but with an edge to this combo.

of course, none of this is off really thorough testing, which I'll be doing before I write an article on it which is still a while away because I've got a lot to do in terms of plastics before I get to that.

What I feel is most important though is that it's one of the most fun combinations (that could feasibly win battles against good opponents) I've encountered in HMS, which is saying something. Mostly because of the mixture of looking absolutely ridiculous and having a chance (with significant Luck Factor to boot) of beating a lot of good opponents.

In terms of other stuff about it so on, Kai Hiwatari's link should have you covered.
Does anyone know where to find the following:
-Slash Riger MS
-Bloody Devil MS
-Thunder Dragon
-Dranzer MF
I have seen thunder dragons as tournament prizes, but other than that, you would be lucky.
With HMS the answer is basically all the same: Be patient, save up your money and stalk Ebay, Yahoo! Japan Auctions (requires a middleman) and perhaps most of all - the WBO Buying and Selling forums day in, day out. Expect to be waiting a very long time to find basically all of those except Thunder Dragon and maybe Dranzer MF (I've seen it quite a few times but I've not looked for HMS in a pretty long time).
I'm just wondering... I saw a yellow Draciel MS X2, is it rare?
Hey guys, could you build me a combo?

This is what I have:

Gaia Dragoon MS
Driger MS
Draciel MS
Dark Effigy MS


Also, is this a good price for Jiraiya MS?

Your best bet would be DEMS, which is Top Tier Out Of The Box(finally have it! Grin) and that is a good price for Jiraiya MS.
Can advance attacker be used for compact combos? Because i think it is small enough.
(Aug. 24, 2013  8:03 AM)RDF3 Wrote: Can advance attacker be used for compact combos? Because i think it is small enough.

I wouldn't really call it small, it is smaller than some AR's, but it should not be recognized as being a smaller AR in HMS.
To answer your question though, it should not be used for Compact due to it's weight distribution being primarily outwards instead of in towards the center.