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Definately. I suggested this already but it was ignored.
I'm guessing no one saw it. That should probably go up. Especially based on this: http://wiki.worldbeyblade.org/index.php/...Variant.29

Also, Poseidon, you've listed Advance Eterner as an AR. The AR is Advance Survivor.
Shouldn't the name of this be changed since it doesn't deal with combos at all? Either that or make up the combos.
Honestly, I don't think there's any issue with that. Use one AR, one WD and one RC from the selection. It's a nice, simple way to present the information.
Except, perhaps, for Smash Attack, if Jiraiya Blade is better in high spin velocity smash attack or something? Like the article says: http://wiki.worldbeyblade.org/index.php/...tomization I mean, the weight distro of jiraiya blade is somewhat counter-intuitive for Smash Attack.

Also: http://wiki.worldbeyblade.org/index.php/Smash_Attack Doesn't list Jiraiya Blade, but does list Advance Attacker for smash?

I mean, this probably means someone, somewhere is wrong, be it in the list or on the beywiki, and one should be fixed.
The way the weight is distributed makes it good for smash. It's that the AR as a whole is small and heavy that it has higher spin velocity.
Perhaps the smash article should be edited/have it added? I mean, I'm working on a revamp of the plastic section because it's missing a lot of stuff, but yeah. And what about Advance Attacker? I'm assuming because it was written by Brad it's probably there for a good reason, right?
So do you guys want any tests, just give me a list of what you want to test against what, I have quite a few HMS so i should be able to do a few.
Just read the last couple of pages, we all agreed on a couple of necessary changes while you weren't here, being the controlling wannabe-despots we are Smile
(Feb. 21, 2012  11:49 PM)Ultra Wrote: Sorry if i'm blunt but here's my opinion on the things you just said:

Round Shell: Yes it's good but it's a niche combo. It doesn't really belong in the types.
Metal Ape: Compacts were pretty nonexistant in HMS(due to the whole generation being compact unlike plastics) and there are better things for defence like Samurai upper, circle upper and Jiraiya blade.
Force Smash: I don't really know what to say here. Most have no idea what they even are and Cye said they weren't competitive.

Also those weren't the only things you said. You also though Samurai Changer's and Dark Leopard's RCs were competitively useful which they aren't. Fun to play and kinda useful for some things but not competitive.

Know this is a an old post but force smash is pretty terrible, samurai upper is going to get a far better win rate than smash leopard. I used my flash leopard and I don't like it, nor is it competative when compared to my circle upper.
@Th!nk your into HMS now? It's begun again ... Tongue_out
Also yeah,I'm having a look now nd Ill get wto what I can.
Also added reverse defencer might add as a footnote a way to beat bearing core. Since it sin't a type but does get wins against the HMS ultra boss it should have mension somewhere. If someone could help me on how to di it, that be good? Or I could link each part to it''s place on wiki, to et more in depth info on it?
Yeah, I honestly think that RWC should be mentioned for beating bearing core just because the latter is so dominant, and so common, anything that beats in quite reliably is worthy of being "competitive", let alone the fact it shuts down defense in the same way, and can take one less-thought-out attackers/random combos better than most things. Give it a subcategory with notes on the reason it's there.

I'll have a think abotu how to do it if ultra/ga/whoever don't beat me to it.

And yes, yes I am. If you check the two HMS threads in general discussion, I'm absorbing everything I can while I drive my bank balance into the dust on these beautiful tops.

I do think though by linking each part to it's place in the wiki would help though. It'd help in other places like a worn bearing core 2 is better than a mint defence wise.
Yes, of course.

I'll see if I can't do it when I've had a shower (yay waking up at 8pm wat)
i need help building a good combo! i only have 7 old gen beys i have Draciel G, Driger G, Dragoon G, Wolborg 4, Driger MS, Gaia Dragoon MS, and Draciel MS i know i dont have good onse but what would be the best combo out of these?
You should ask that in the "HMS Q&A's" thread in the Beyblade General forum. Wink
Why isn't their a Stamina and Zombie category? Or does survivor=zombie?
Survival is stamina. That's what it was called in those days. Yes Zombies are a subtype of stamina. Anyway the entire survival section only has zombie parts so maybe the name should be changed.
I think we should keep it like that, save questions like " where's survival" and stuff. It is, technically still right.
(Aug. 28, 2012  10:32 AM)Poseidon Wrote: I think we should keep it like that, save questions like " where's survival" and stuff. It is, technically still right.

Would you be willing to make a stamina category and put in parenthesis that it's survival, then make a zombie category?
TBH with survival zombie is the best way to go, there more competative with hms.
There's no point splitting them. In HMS and to a lesser extent, plastics, zombies ARE survival.

Most of them also still work exactly like regular survival combos in same spin matchups (in plastics, spiral change base doesn't because it absolutely cannot take a hit that it doesn't absorb, but the others all seem to) anyway. I might do something like that in my plastics top tier list, but only because in plastics there are non-zombie survival combos in tier 2 (Semi Flat Base combos). In HMS, wolborg MS's RC apparently just blows everything else away, and if it's as strong as its reputation makes out, then it would.
Yes, I realize this is a Huuuge necro, but of we want to keep the meta game current, we need tests, right? I haven't seen any, so we need some backup on these results. I'm probably getting a Shining God MS(if I bid at the right time) and after that, probably Jiraiya so... if you need tests for the BB-10, I'm always here c:
There isn't much to keep current, considering that most of the tests were conducted ages ago and led us to the current consensus we have...

The only tests we're missing require parts that you don't find very easily unless you have a very large wallet to dip into and an ability to peruse Japanese auctions when others aren't noticing them.
Yes, but they were discussing about BB-10 Format for HMS I believe... also there is no Balance section for combos like I forget which AR
Rubber Weight Core, Wolf Crusher Metal Change Core etc... so you tell me. I know I'm not that experienced.