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Remind me tomorrow and I'll get to some BB-10 tests haha, right now I'm jetlagging to hell and back and I cannot think straight.

Looking at the tier list now, it did miss some of the more recent discussion so that will need fixing. As for Balance, it was never really created because Balance was never very prevalent. HMS didn't have enough Beyblades to fully differentiate. Attack ARs being listed as good for Defense is just an example of this.

The most would be the inclusion of Metal Change Core as a Balance tip and the addition of the old Circle Upper + Bearing Core, though even that is pushing it since that combo kinda melds into the Survival section. Also Metal Flat ought to be removed, because while I have yet to obtain an Advance Striker, th!nk has and he dislikes it immensely. I trust him enough in HMS to believe his opinion, so I would think it warrants a removal.
Awesome! I can get stuff up if I get that Dragoon MS and Jiraiya and Sea Dragon soon. Anything you want me to test?
I myself have Jiraiya and Sea Dragon, but you're welcome to do attack testing with Dragoon MS. See how attack fares with the weaker Tornado Ridge in a BB-10, since my most competitive attack RC is Metal Change Core.
I can do HMS testing on just about anything other than the advance series (albeit I can do advance striker) and shining god and bloody devil

So, if you want some bb-10 testing, just shoot me a pm with what you want done. Also, I do have two dragoons which is probably not something most people can test for attack v attack...
I would love to see how Upper Attack fares against Smash Attack, just a thought Tongue_out
I have Advance Averazer, Jiraiya MS, Wolborg MS, and Death Gargoyle MS so if there is some testing in BB-10 that I could do I would be happy to do it.
Well this is just great! So this is what I was thinking
@Ga try to get Ethan H to let you borrow his GFC(UV) or GFC or maybe from UltimiteOrion and I would like that tested against a Defense combo... maybe Defense is stronger in that area?(Doubt it XD)
Time I was thinking Smash Attack vs Upper Attack following these combos
AR: Jiraiya Blade
WD: CWD Defense Ring(17g if you have it)
RC: Grip Flat Core
Same thing for Upper Attack except use the AR as Samurai Upper/Circle Upper and if you don't have two Defense Rings use Circle Wide
@*Ginga* Can you do Wolborg MS against DEMS? I'm curious how Wolborg would do.
I will try to contribute as much as I can! It would be nice if I had a HMS Grip(man oh how good it would be Unhappy ) Also, it would be nice to test CWD Reverse Defenser(I believe it is called that?) on a Stamina/Defense Hybrid against an Attack Type. Thanks in advance guys!
Woops my bad I forgot, no jiraiya, I do have two cwd defense rings though and two 17 g pieces
Do you have Slash Upper?
Wolborg is crushed by DEMS in a BB-10, I did that test myself ages ago.

Wolborg MS vs. DEMS
Standard Procedure, no launcher grip
Wolborg launched first
Right Spin for both
WBMS: 1/20 (1 OS)
DEMS: 19/20 (19 KO's)
DEMS Win %: 95%

It's a joke. It does somewhat better in opposite spin (no official tests) but WBMS still has about a 40% chance of winning at best, seeing how it won 2 out of 5 rounds. This is with DEMS in left spin and Wolborg in right too. If it was the other way around, Wolborg would have even lower win rates. Having both in left spin doesn't affect Wolborg's fiery demise either.

EDIT: Slash Upper is not a good idea... It provides smash in a different spin direction than Samurai Upper gives upper attack. In the same spin direction, Slash Upper has both Smash and, well, Upper Attack. So no, bad idea if we're trying to conduct tests here.
Huh. It might be because of how small the walls are AKA KO friendly, but... its just that would Metal Change Core have the speed? When I get my WBMS I'm gonna test that out for myself. I bet by these tests that Defense would suck even more XD
If you launch hard enough in a Sliding Shoot, speed is not a problem; DEMS would be very fast and hit like a spiky truck. Metal Change Core is excellent, and the current list does not reflect that. I would safely assume that it is better than Metal Flat Core, though I do not own one myself.
No slash upper, but I have a metal spring it that is good enough

It seriously trumps metal flat core, in endurance and defense and it has almost comparable speed.
Well, what was the equipment you used? I'm betting you used a HMS Grip? That might differ results, try with a normal launcher whenever you get the chance, and I agree with Metal Change Core being better than Metal Flat Core.
EDIT: Time Then you can do Stamina tests? WBMS against Wolf Crusher/Circle Upper CWD Reverse Defenser Bearing Core if you can. Try to get a Jiraiya MS while you can! There's at least one on eBay.
Just did that test, almost mirror results, excepts my metal change core is still close to mint so not quite that much speed, but anyways
No grip
standard launcher
Wolborg MS vs. DEMS
WBMS: 3 wins (os)
DEMS: 17 wins (16 ko, 1 really cool os when wolborg got crazy destabilized (after like 4 wall saves))

sorry, no reverse defenser (forgot to mention no dranzer/dragoon mf), but I can do a bearing core on bearing core test with two cwd defense rings with the ars as circle upper and wolf crusher, but I can almost guarantee circle upper is better, but that test will have to wait until tomorrow.
If you don't have CWD Reverse Defenser put CWD Free Survivor or Circle Wide instead.
EDIT: It seems like Attack will dominate in the BB-10, well that's Wolborg MS. If anyone has a Circle Upper, CWD Defense Ring, and a Bearing Core 2, test against Jiraiya Blade, Circle Wide/CWD Defense Ring, and Metal Change Core or Grip Flat Core(UV/normal)
Preferably the former, however.

Metal Spring is fine.
All right, sounds great guys!
I'll do that test tomorrow and write up an edited list then.
Which test? The Wolborg MS vs DEMS one with a normal HMS launcher or that Defense vs Attack?
Defense vs Attack, I already posted a Wolborg vs DEMS result with a breakdown of all spin directions.
Ok, sounds good! When I get my Dragoon and Jiraiya MS(bear with me, it'll take until November until I can get these tests) I will start to contribute!
Upper vs. Smash Attack, bb-10
Samurai Upper CWD Defense Ring Grip Flat Core vs. Metal Spring CWD Defense Ring Grip Flat Core
Samurai Upper: 14 Wins (11 KO, 3 OS)
Metal Spring: 6 Wins (2 KO, 4 OS)

Always right spin, kind of interesting, attack on attack usually leads to something like this when one of them doesn't always get ko'ed.
It might be because of Metal Spring... try to get Jiraiya Blade soon! Good tests though!
It wouldn't make too much of a difference I'd think. The rubber gives added defense against smash attack, not upper. Samurai Upper would easily be able to get underneath Jiraiya Blade and lift it out of the stadium without much recoil, whereas Jiraiya Blade would suffer more serious issues.