Gwyn or Phi who's is stronger

This 2 bladers who were the main antagonists in the sessions in turbo Phi was the main antagonist and in rise Gwyn was the main antagonist. This season Lane Valhalla is the main antagonist. But these two previous series antagonists were too tough for the protagonists. Aiga as after being a protagonist I think people love Phi more than Aiga. Drum has impressed a lot as well as Delta. Actually this 2 bladers are beyond comparison it is very very tough to choose one of them who is more powerful. Phi had an advantage of defeating 2 very epic and legendary bladers Shu and Free not only he had defeated them but also destroyed both of there blades. So Phi in this case had an advantage than of Gwyn. But don't forget that when Arthur had come full power Drum, Delta and the previous champion Aiga was very weak after Arthur but then also Gwyn had defeated him with big bang Genesis ultimate blade. The whole season Gwyn only defeated once in the last episode he had draws but never defeated before it. But compare to Gwyn Phi had defeated by Aiga once then once he was defeated by Aiga in the 50th episode of turbo. Gwyn defeated Arthur very easily who had beat Aiga very easily that gives Gwyn an advantage. Blading style of both are very different from each other I would now if we take revive pheonix and big bang Genesis then Genesis will easily win but Dread Pheonix is very tough we knew that. Gwyn calculations during battle would defeat Phi but Phi's double cannon break is very powerful attack. At the end I would after all the analysis a little bit ahead is Gwyn so now everyone tell who you think is more powerful
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