Good news for people who want to remove the paint of metal wheels

I found a interesting article on
It is in japanese but english translation from google is here-->

I hope this really helps, since some people want to re-paint or spray their metal wheels into other colors that they want. Leave a comment below for what you think about this article. thanks
. Tongue_out_wink
Wow this is great but still the GT is not that proper maybe we can get this on youtube
I will have to make a video especially for this Beyblade series (Metal Fight Beyblade) for how to remove paints from the metal wheel, once I got the paint thinner. XD
at the moment, the only to do it without paint thinner, is to use Oven Cleaner to spray over the metal and use a toothbrush to scrub away the paint. This applies to the metals and also the metal shown in the video.
Video link is here:
Again, I hope this really clear things up for you guys.
Im going to try that out some time
Wow this is great thanks for this.
I removed the paint from from a yellow Hell Wheel Tongue_out