Girago Girago E230MB

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Hey guys!! I have officially been here for a YEAR! So, I'm celebratin'! IT'S COMBO TIME!

The Concept:

Parts Choice:

Mathematical comparison to Genbull Genbull E230MB:

The Launch:



Well, that's all folks! I hope you guys find this thing effective.

Test! *COUGH*

I do love these E230 destabilizers because they explain the principal behind why Phantom E230 Works so well in Zero-g. I would test myself, but I lack a girago with which to test so would you mind testing against Phantom E230 EWD and my destabilizer Begiradoas Begiradoas TH220 (switch the height around if you wouldn't mind, grabbing the disk on 170 might work really well) RSF?
Congratulations. I'm actually proud of you XD
And thank you for actually providing proof hah. I'll do some personal testing tomorrow.
We can add Genbull/Girago Genbull/Girago E230 MB to the list XD
Time: Well, I'm a bit busy, and if I take any requests at all I'd be doing them against already top-tier customizations, and trying to avoid testing against aggressive combos.

My Girago took a serious beating from all that testing, LOL!

That said, I don't know if we need many, since this is obviously pretty much the same thing as Genbull/Girago Genbull E230MB, which is being proposed for the tier-list, but confirmation against Stamina (specifically 145/165 heights) would still be great if anyone has the time.

BTW, didn't mention it in the OP, but this thing, like all Synchrom E230 destsbilizers, is pretty much an unstoppable right-spin Stamina tank in Zero-G. It works super well there too.
Hey this is pretty cool but TBH can't you just post this on the list or on the girago Genbull E230MB thread?
(Feb. 01, 2014  2:33 PM)Aquamarine Wrote: Hey this is pretty cool but TBH can't you just post this on the list or on the girago Genbull E230MB thread?


No. Why would I do that, LOL! That may have been appropriate if I had only had a few test results, but I had 20, as well as a long explanation and a mathematical comparison to post.

It honestly might've been obnoxious to post something this long. It belongs much better in its own thread.
What mode E230?
(Feb. 01, 2014  2:45 PM)Aquamarine Wrote: What mode E230?

The only mode anyone ever uses, haha. Tongue_out Upper mode. Lower mode doesn't work well.
I don't have a second Girago or even 1 Genbull. What should I switch the top chrome wheel with?
Most likely Killerken