Get To Know Me

I’m known as person and I’ve loved beyblade for about a year!

About Me

   Age: *Private*

My Bey:

Name: Wave Neptroon

   Pieces: Nepsrtrius Top, Valtryek Middle, Nepstrius Bottom
(Aug. 02, 2020  4:43 AM)person Wrote: Hi! I’m a new bladder around here and I’ve been a bey fan for more than a year now. It feels so nice to be able to participate in tournaments. I’m looking forward to battling many of you.

Other INFO:

My Bey:

Parts from both nepstrius and valtryek

My Launcher:

Launcher from the Xcalius Set

Hello person, my bey is Jade Jupiter. Welcome to the WBO, it is a fun site where you will get to meet many fellow bladers like yourself.
Welcome to the WBO!
My bey is knockout Odin. Welcome to the WBO! Hope you enjoy your stay!
my bey is mirage fafnir
Welcome to wbo I hope you enjoy your stay! My bey is Amaterios
Could you stop posting threads until you actually have a good look around the site and determine where threads should go?

This, for example, should go in the "Introduce Yourself" subforum. I will move it for you. But please, seriously, stop making new threads until you understand what threads go where, and what posts should go into existing threads.