[Germany] 1st Beyblade Burst WBO Tournament

@[Falco2762] and DraconicArt will come to the Emsland (North West District of Lower Saxony, Germany) on July 28th 2018 and we would like to host a tournament then. It's on a Saturday and we already have a tournament spot (Haseluenner See / Blackwater Lake) in Haseluenne. It's publicly accessable and very beautiful there. Haseluenne is a town close to the border to the Neatherlands (only 15-20 minutes by car from there). We would meet at the Plesse Parking Lot from where we have a 3 minute walk to the tournament location. I can organize 2 to 3 B-09 Standard Type Burst Stadiums, 1 to 3 Real Life Anime Stadiums for free play, 1 live sized Valt Aoi and 2 official WBBA Beyblade Burst World Tour mats as well as over 50 World Tour pins for each participant and I've already organized all prizes. Prize reimbusement is not nessecary.

The prizes would be:

Custom Beyblade Burst Deluxe Starter Pack:
Star Storm Stadium & 2 Super Grip Launchers & Gaianon G2 & Doomscizor Doublepack

Switch Strike Starter Pack:
Tempest Wyvron (W3) tW,4G,At (new in box)

Special Old School Prize:
Bistool (used), one BSB Random Booster Vol. 8 (new in box), all released Bakuten Shoot Beyblade mangas from Vol. 1 to 5 in German

Also each participant will get Beyblade stickers and official Beyblade Burst World Tour pins (only as long as stock lasts).

I can record the event since I now got a new Full HD Camcorder along with a new tripod.

I've already filled out the organizers quiz and I am now waiting for it to be processed.

Also NaniAries, HMSJormuntor and ReijiPSerpent will maybe also come to the tournament but they don't have a WBO account yet.

Who else is interested in a Burst Tournament?

Edit: Here's the proof that we already have all of the prizes ready. The Bistool and the stickers will be brought by Falco2762.
Yup, I'm in. But you already mentioned , that I would come Wink
Howaitonekon Would you be interested, too?
Sorry for this late reply, I'd love to come, but unfortunetaly I can't. My state exam is on August 3rd and that's just too close (and important) ;)