General B-Daman Thread

Cross Fight B-Daman

What is it?: It's a revival of the original B-Daman which left a while ago, this new series will have new B-Daman.

Where is it?: It's in Japan, but resellers sell them online too!

How to tell them apart?: Each B-Daman has a "product code", this product code is of the prefix: "CB". IE: "CB-01"

Here you can discuss the game itself, what you want, and what you got!
This is NOT use for the old B-Daman!

The B-Daman!:

CB-01: Accel Dracyan

CB-02: One Side Sharks

CB-03: Torque Type Core

CB-04: Accel Dracyan DX Set

CB-05: Standard Field

CB-06: Steer Eagle

CB-07: Random Booster Vol. 1

CB-08: Rev Dravise

CB-09: Metal Rev Core

CB-10: Tornado Magazine

CB-11: Rev Dragonice [DX?] Set

CB-12: Torque Bearqar

CB-13: [?] Extension

CB-14: Thunder Sasword/Thunder Roller

CB-15 : Stroke Orochi

CB-16 : Tune Up Gear Wide Magazine

CB-17 : Tune Up Gear Straight Barrel

CB-18 : Tune Up Gear Power Mantle

CB-19 : Tune Up Gear Rubber Seal

CB-20 : Triple Fighting Field

How do you Customize?

Glad to see a decent toyline in the series finally.
all i've got is my Old school launchers. however i'm sceptical about this series. I don't know if it will turn good or not, and whats with Bomberman?
Yes! I do not know much about B Daman at all but seriouslt TAKARA-TOMY has done excellent.

My favorite is "Torque Bearqar"! It's quite nice!
Some LEAKS !!!:

[Image: 334px-CIMG4802.JPG]
Rev Dravise Is amazing. Its supposed to come with a bowl barrel to hold the B-Da balls and the Core is Metal and it has 2 rollers for strength and speed. I also want the Dracyan DX set, it some with a B-da Card (similar to beypoint card) and an extended loader. Just want to get some new ones and make combos ad try out new parts, tune up my B-Daman.

The Outer Design Looks great for Torque Bearqar, but the core doesn't seem like much. Looks like Accel Dracyan's but plastic.
if you need any help with B-daman talk to me and Beycentre! lol, also it looks pretty good. reminds me of the old style, but I dislike the triggers on this, it doesn't seem like you could easily get a firm grip on it I feel it's too thin for true power.
That's CB-11... The CB-02 Version doesn't come with CB-10..

What is Rev Dracyan? You mean Rev Dravise..
Ya I meant Dravise, let me edit that.
So Rev Dravise has a metal core? And I guess that is sold separately as well in CB-09..
(Oct. 10, 2011  8:22 PM)BeybladeStation Wrote: That's CB-11... The CB-02 Version doesn't come with CB-10...

I know, I'm just saying that set comes with the Bowl Barrel. I really want it, or I might get the separate one.
so is this outside customable? or just the core? and is it customizable with the old styles
The new ones are compatible with the old tune up gear..

But the outside can also be customized too!

The CORE and OUSTIDE [Body parts] can be customized.
Ya, I knew that, The out side can be customized with extenders and Pipe ramps, LED sights, Other aiming devices and etc. Hope fully they make a Core extension and a Led sight.
Do you know if the Starters come with more than one B-Da Ball.

Sasodo looks a bit cool to. I might try to get that.
I do not think they come with any, you'd have to buy them seperately =/
I remember the old one come with 3 B-da Balls each, I'm pretty sure they will come with 3+.
You should Add the BM's to the list.
BM is another thing like CB.
Or I'll just post them here

BM-07: Core Extension
BM-08: Extended Loader
BM-12: A Trigger Stabilizer or Tune Up of some sort?
BM-16: Extended Loader With a Funnel and more space on the top
BM-22: Core Extension to Lower the Shot
I thought they only came with one...?
I just found out that Sasodo will come with the new Core! It will have a Roll Core, as the Katakana [Japanese] Read..

This Core will apparently "put a spin" into the balls. This allows the B-Da Balls from Sasodo to go through more obstacles!

Wish I could get it!
All of the exterior can be designed!:

[Image: 743px-201104202304000.jpg]
(Oct. 10, 2011  8:40 PM)NoodooSoup Wrote: I thought they only came with one...?

The Ones from the US came with 3 B-da Balls each. Or do you mean CF comes with one.

Thanks BBS for the pic.

In the Anime, The B-Daman have a bit beast type thing. Accel Dracyan and Rev Dravise are Dragons.

1. I am positive each B-Daman will come with 1 B-Da Ball.


[Image: 815px-20.JPG]
I might just Order myself a Rev Dravise today! Hope I do. Or Sasodo, Either one, But Rev's Core Also has rollers and it looks like metal.
It looks like metal..

But do remember that CB-09 is a metal one, so it could be possible!

Buy it now!
Change the Name of CB-10 on the OP to Tornado Magazine.
Changed the name, man they made it "magazine"..

Reminds me so much of TAKARA-TOMY's other products..

Anyways, BeyCenter will be buying one B Daman and he will hopefuly report here first!
Yup, Making a Youtube channel for B-Daman Also and will be posting an unboxing on it and embed the video here. Also, anime thread made
Thank you! Will bookmark your channel Beycenter!